Hidden Love

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Chapter One
Brenda walked into her house. She was late coming home and Jake hated it when she was late. She looked around and didn't see him. Usually he'd be sitting on the couch waiting for her. Maybe he wasn't home yet.
"Why are you late?" Jake asked coming down the stairs. Brenda saw the look of anger in his eyes. She knew he was going to hurt her again. Brenda breathed deeply.
"I'm sorry. I had to work late," Brenda replied carefully. She saw him come down the stairs. He stopped when he was in front of her.
"Do you expect me to believe that," Jake yelled and pushed Brenda to the ground. He kicked her in the stomach twice.
"Now tell me what you were really doing," Jake replied anger apparent in her voice.
"I was really working," Brenda said softly. This time jake punched her busting her lip.
"Who was the guy you were with?" Jake asked. Brenda didn't answer so he punched her again. His ring cut her upper cheek.
"Go clean yourself up. I'll be back in an hour and then we're going to my parents," Jake said. He kicked her one more time in the stomach and left so she could clean herself up. He'd find out the guy she was seeing. He wouldn't let her get away with cheating on him.
Chapter Two
Brenda knocked on Robin's door. It took a few hours to get to Port Charles. Jake would never think to look for her here. He didn't know she had friends in Port Charles. She saw Robin at the door with a shocked look on her face.
"Brenda what happened?" Robin asked. She let Brenda in and they sat down in the living room.
"Jake hit me," Brenda said with tears in her eyes. She was trying so hard to hold them back. Robin hugged her friend. She couldn't believe some one would do this to Brenda. She was so nice to people. She was the first person to be her friend.
"Does he know you're here?" Robin asked.
"No. I left when he went out," Brenda replied softly. She was glad she came to Robin. They were like sisters.
"How long has this been going on?" Robin asked. She knew Brenda was with Jake for awhile but, she never got to meet him. Brenda said he didn't like meeting her friends.
"A few months," Brenda said looking down. She hoped Robin didn't tell Mac. He would try to get Brenda to press charges and she didn't know if that was the right thing to do.
"Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower. You can stay with me. Mac won't mind. You're the only friend of mine he approves of," Robin said.
"Thanks Robin," Brenda said and walked upstairs. Being in Port Charles would be fun. It was a new place where people didn't know her that well.
Chapter Three
Robin heard some one knocking on her door. She knew it was Sonny. They were supposed to go out to lunch. Robin opened the door.
"Hey Sonny," Robin said.
"Hey. You ready to go?" Sonny asked. He saw Robin open the door more and he walked in. He sat down on the couch and Robin sat down in a chair.
"I don't think I can go today," Robin said. She saw Sonny smirk.
"What's the matter, you couldn't find anything to wear," Sonny said.
"No. A friend of mine came over. She was in trouble so she's staying with me," Robin replied. She saw Sonny roll his eyes. He was so funny sometimes.
"She could always come with us. Did ya ever think of that," Sonny said mockingly. Robin laughed.
"Okay. I could ask if she wants to come," Robin said. She wondered if Brenda would want to come. She didn't know many people here and she's never met Sonny before. Robin was brought out of thought when Brenda walked down the stairs.
"Brenda, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Sonny," Robin said. Sonny couldn't take his eyes off Brenda. She was so beautiful. She was wearing a tight red dress that came up just three inches above her knees. Her hair was up in a french twist. He flashed her a smile.
"Nice to meet you," Sonny said.
"Nice to meet you to," Brenda said blushing. Sonny was so hot. He had dimples and a great body from what she could tell.
"We were just about to go out to lunch. Do you want to come with us?" Robin asked.
"Sure," Brenda replied. She wanted to get to know Sonny better.
"Great lets go," Robin said. She was glad Brenda was coming with them. She needed to get out and meet new people. She could tell Sonny liked Brenda. It was in his eyes and all over his face.
Chapter Four
They finally arrived at Mikes. Sonny was driving and almost ran them off the road because he wouldn't stop looking at Brenda.
"Sonny, you are never driving again. You almost killed us three times," Robin practically yelled. She turned and saw Mike laughing hysterically.
"You think this is funny. How about we put you in a car with him," Robin retorted and sat down at an empty table. Sonny and Brenda soon joined her. They all ordered their food and Robin was finally done being mad at Sonny.
"So how long are you staying?" Sonny asked Brenda. He hoped she was staying permanently. He liked her and she didn't know what type of business he was into yet. He knew he'd have to tell her soon.
"I'm moving here. I don't want to go back to where I used to live," Brenda replied softly and smiled deeply at Sonny.
"That's good. But why don't you like where you used to live?" Sonny asked. He saw Brenda look down and her smile fade. He knew something was wrong.
"No reason. I just wanted to get away from a friend of mine," Brenda lied. Sonny could tell she was, but he wasn't going to call her on it. He just met her and he didn't want her to hate him already.
"Do you need help finding a place?" Sonny asked.
"No. I can find one myself," Brenda replied. Sonny was so nice. He seemed like a good guy and Robin was friends with him so he couldn't be that bad.
When they were done eating they went back to Robin's and watched a few movies. Brenda fell asleep on the couch in Sonny's arms. Robin woke up and saw them. She smiled softly. Sonny would be good for Brenda and he wouldn't hurt her the way Jake did. She walked upstairs quietly so she wouldn't wake them.
Chapter Five
Brenda woke up and smelled something cooking in the kitchen. She got up and saw Sonny telling Robin to stop interfering or she was out of the kitchen.
"You two are so cute when you fight," Brenda said smiling. She saw Sonny look at her confused.
"She was kidding Sonny," Robin said and stole a few chocolate chips. She saw Sonny grab a dish towel and she leapt off the counter before he could hit her with it. Brenda laughed at this scene.
"Don't eat anything else. I'm trying to cook breakfast and I don't want it to go to waste," Sonny said seriously. He smiled at Brenda.
"You two really are a comedy," Brenda said shaking her head.
"You think this is funny?" Sonny asked in mock anger which made Brenda laugh even more. Sonny walked up to her and playfully hit her with the towel he still had in his hands.
"Why don't you two get married already?" Robin said looking at them smiling at each other. Sonny threw Robin a warning glance.
Chapter Six
Robin grabbed her keys. She wa already late for work. Brenda was still sleeping, but knew she had to work today. She hoped Brenda wouldn't go crazy being alone.
A few minutes after Robin left, Brenda was woken up by some one knocking on the door. She slowly got out of bed and answered the door. She smiled when she saw who was at the door.
"Hey Sonny. What are you doing here?" Brenda asked. She was happy to see Sonny.
"I wanted to see you," Sonny replied. Brenda let Sonny in and they sat down on the couch next to each other in silence. They didn't know what to say to each other, and they were too scared to say the truth. Sonny wrapped his arms around Brenda. He slowly leaned over and kissed Brenda gently on the lips. Brenda moaned softly as Sonny slipped his tongue in her mouth. Brenda gently moved on to Sonny's lap not breaking the kiss. They pulled away breathlessly. Sonny looked into Brenda's eyes. He knew she wanted him. Sonny took her hand and they started walking up the stairs.
"What if Robin comes home and catches us?" Brenda asked. She didn't really care, but this was Robin's house.
"She won't. She works until one," Sonny assured Brenda. He opened the door to his room and then closed it with his foot. He gently pushed Brenda down on the bed and they made love for hours.
Chapter Seven
Brenda woke up in Sonny's arms. She looked over at the clock next to her. It was almost one. Brenda carefully got out of bed and put her clothes back on. Robin would be home soon. She turned around to see Sonny awake.
"You should get dressed. Robin will be home soon," Brenda said.
"So what," Sonny said and pulled Brenda back onto the bed with him. He kissed her passionately and pulled her into his arms.
"Sonny, I don't want Robin finding out about us by walking n here and knowing we slept together," Brenda said seriously.
"Okay," Sonny said smiling. He got out of bed and put his clothes on. Then he and Brenda went downstairs. They sat down in the living room.
"How about we go to Mikes again and talk," Sonny said. He needed to tell Brenda about his business and how much danger she could be in.
"That sounds like a good idea," Brenda said. Sonny grabbed her hand and they walked to his car.
"Are you gonna get me killed?" Brenda asked jokingly. She saw Sonny smile at her.
"Of course I will," Sonny replied sarcastically.
Chapter Eight
Sonny and Brenda were sitting at a back table. They ordered there food and began to talk.
"Brenda, I like you a lot. But being with me puts you in danger. I'm a mob boss," Sonny said. He couldn't read the emotion on Brenda's face.
"Sonny, I don't care. I want to be with you," Brenda replied. She saw sonny smile and heard him sigh with relief.
"I'm happy to hear that," Sonny said. After they were done eating Sonny went over to say hi to Mike.
"So who's the girl you're with?" Mike asked. He knew there was something going on between them. He just hoped she wouldn't run screaming when she found out Sonny's profession.
"That's Brenda. A friend of Robins," Sonny replied. He saw Mike give him that look that meant he knew there was more to the story.
"That's all you're going to tell me. I know there's something going on with you two," Mike said. He saw Sonny smile and knew he was right.
"So I'm seeing her. Robin doesn't know yet," Sonny said.
"Does she know about your job?" Mike asked.
"Yeah she does," Sonny answered. Brenda was a good person. He loved her already.
"Well I should go. Robin is probably at home wondering where Brenda went," Sonny said. He walked over to Brenda. None of them noticed the guy that walked in sat at the bar and glared at them. Sonny drove Brenda back to Robin's and told her he'd come by to see her later.
Chapter Nine
"Who wa that guy with Brenda?" Jake asked Mike.
"That was Sonny. You know Brenda?" Mike asked confused.
"Yeah. She's my girlfriend," Jake replied and stormed off angrily. He had to get to Robin's. He couldn't believe that Brenda thought he wouldn't find her here. All he had to do was make a few phone calls.

Robin heard some one banging on her door. She opened the door and saw a guy that looked ticked off.
"Where's Brenda?" Jake asked.
"Who are you?" Robin asked. She had a feeling that this guy was Jake and she shouldn't let him in. But it was too late for her to shut the door. He already pushed his way through. Jake saw Brenda walk down the stairs.
"Did you really think I wouldn't find you here?" Jake asked. He walked over to where Brenda was and dragged her down the stairs.
"I saw you with a guy earlier. I knew you were cheating on me," Jake yelled angrily. He forcibly slammed her up against the wall.
"You and I were over. I left you that note. I know you read it," Brenda said shaking. It was hard for her to breathe.
"I don't care what the note said. You can't leave me. I won't let you. We belong together," Jake yelled. He put his hands around Brenda's throat. Tears were running down her cheek. Jake turned behind him when he heard a door slam.
"Let go of her," Sonny said. Jake let go of Brenda and went after sonny. This was the jerk that took Brenda away from him.
Sonny blocked a punch from jake and started beating him up.
"Robin call the police," Sonny yelled. He managed to restrain Jake by handcuffing him to a table.
After a while the police got here and arrested Jake. When they took Jake away Sonny ran over to Brenda.
"Are you okay?" Sonny asked. He saw the tears in her eyes.
"Thank you for helping Sonny," Brenda said. Sonny pulled Brenda into his arms and felt her lean closer to him.
"I'd do anything to keep you safe," Sonny said. He looked over at a confused Robin. They were supposed to tell her tonight that they were together.
Chapter Ten
Sonny, Brenda, and Robin were at his place having dinner. They told Robin about them being together. She seemed happy.
"Now you know I expect you two to get married," Robin said. She saw Sonny smile. He liked that idea. Brenda being his wife.
"You can't rush us," Brenda said smiling. She looked over at Sonny. The thought of marrying him didn't scare her. She wanted to be with Sonny forever. After dinner Robin left so Sonny and Brenda could be alone.
"So, have you found a place yet?" Sonny asked. He hoped she hadn't.
"No, why?" Brenda asked curiously.
"I was wondering if you wanted to move in with me," Sonny said. He saw her eyes light up.
"Of course I would," Brenda said. She kissed Sonny passionately. She they would be together for a long time. They loved each other so much. She was finally happy. She found some one who loved her and wouldn't hurt her.

The End