The Ring by Lisa

Chapter 1

She is walking through the crowded marketplace. There was so much to think about, yet, there wasn't anything to think about. She had taken a much needed vacation. Since she was unable to make Lila's funeral, she had decided that work was getting the best of her and she needed a break. She couldn't believe she missed something as important as Lila. The woman had been a grandmother to her and she hated that she had to miss her memorial. She stopped to browse through jewelry that was made by the natives of the small beach town. She decided going to an island would be a good choice. There was no way that anyone there would recognize her, either as the model, or the mobster/corporate raider's poor dumped fiancée. She found a necklace that was perfect for Robin. She also picked up some things for Lois and Brook Lynn. She couldn't wait until they came to visit her again. She missed her girlfriends so much.

She was completely alone. She had been alone since she left Port Charles. She was happy, but she still felt something missing. She knew what it was, but she tried so hard to put it in the back of her mind. She needed to think about her entire life since she was 18, come to terms with it, and finally put it behind her. She didn't have any other choice. As she strolled through the marketplace, she smiled at the locals and enjoyed how wonderful it felt to be free. She walked over to another jewelry stand and was intrigued by a piece of jewelry. The ring had caught her eye like no other had. She stared at and couldn't stop. She had to have it. It was enthralling.

2 days earlier…

“I'm taking a vacation.” Sonny looked at Jason as he made up his mind.
J: What do you mean? Sonny, with everything that is going on right now, I don't think a vacation is what you need.”
S: I don't care. I'm going. I need to get away from everyone and everything. There is too much going on and I need to think.
J: Are you going to the island?
S: No. I'm going somewhere I've never been. I need to get some things in perspective so that I can come back and face this all. I need to blow off steam; otherwise, I'll kill Carly for keeping Kristina from me.
J: Ok, whatever you need…
S: Find me somewhere in Greece, by the ocean. I haven't been there before and I've heard some things about it.
J: I'm on it.
S: I want to leave tonight, so move fast.
Jason left and Sonny wandered to the window at his penthouse, thinking of the many nights he stood in the same place thinking the same things.

Back to real time.

She reached started to walk slowly towards the ring and went to reach for it. As soon as her hand was almost on it, another grabbed onto it. She looked as the hand took it and put it in a box.

B: I want that ring.
Marketer: Oh, I'm sorry, madam, someone has already paid for the ring.

Brenda was hurt. It was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen and someone beat her to it. She smiled, nodded to the marketer and started to walk away.

Chapter 2

He wandered throughout the crowded streets not knowing where he was heading or what he was looking for. He just needed to be able to be free, even if just for a few days. There was nowhere he had to be, no one to explain things to. Carly had gotten the best of him. Finally, he was able to say that he didn't love her anymore and never would again. He had spoken betrayal and trust to so many people at so many times, but never, ever did he think that his own wife would keep his child from him. She had drawn the last straw and there was no putting it back. He would fight for his children and only them, but once that was done, she would be out of all of their lives. He couldn't take her lies anymore. Thinking back to everyone that had betrayed him, she was the worst. Even Hannah being an agent wasn't as bad as this. These made Brenda wearing the wire seem like a normal thing. Brenda. He stopped walking at the thought of her. My Brenda, he thought. He had heard Robin tell him that Brenda was happy. Just the thought that Robin had been with her recently had made his day. The thought of Brenda alive and happy made him smile. He thought he had saved her when he left her, then she died. Losing her like that was the hardest thing he ever went through. But she had come back, even if only to save him and move on. She saved him yet again. She kept on saving him everyday just with the thought that she was out there, alive and happy. That was all he needed to breathe. He gave up everything he had ever planned simply for that reason. She was alive.

He had spotted the ring from a distance and quickly walked up to the marketer to pay for it. He had to have it. He didn't know why he wanted it, or whom he wanted it for. Surely it was a woman's ring. Nonetheless, it was now his. He smiled at it as the marketer put it in a box. He heard a woman say that she wanted the ring. The voice was familiar and refreshing. He knew it was her. He knew now why he was pulled to the small Greek island. Lindos, Greece on the isle of Rhodes. This is why he was here. He took the ring from the marketer with a nod of thanks and turned in the direction that she walked.

Chapter 3

He followed her until she reached the beach. He watched her from a distance as she took the bag that was thrown over her shoulder and placed it down on the white sand. She took out a small blanket and laid it down gracefully. Then, she removed her outer clothing to reveal her bikini. She took a book out of her bag and lay down on the blanket. He watched her as she started to read, but saw her getting sleepy as she put the book down. She turned onto her back and lay. She was asleep. She had sunglasses over her eyes, but he had watched her so many times while she slept that he knew exactly when she was sleeping. He slowly walked towards her. He gave it a few minutes for her to be into a deeper sleep. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and smiled. He gently took her hand and placed the ring on her finger careful not to wake her from her slumber. He kissed the ring on her hand and placed it by her side. He smiled at her and walked away.

Chapter 4

She started to stir. She couldn't believe she fell asleep. All the working she had been doing was catching up with her. She was glad she was on this vacation. She sat up and pulled her sunglasses up on her head. She looked at her surroundings and sighed. She was hot, so she walked towards the blue water to cool down a bit. She waded in to her knees and splashed water on her arms and stomach. She put her arms around her small body and breathed in the salt air. She went to put her glasses back on her face, but she noticed a glimmer on her hand. She didn't remember putting any jewelry on that morning. She slowly brought her hand into sight. She then spotted it resting comfortably on her left ring finger. It was the ring. How, she thought? I saw someone else buy it. The man watching her in the distance enjoyed the confusion on her face.

She looked at it some more and felt a pull deep in her heart. She knew what the pull was, but was too stubborn to admit it. She smiled at the ring and walked towards her blanket. She lay back down and picked up her book. After reading for a while, she walked back to her hotel room and laid down on the bed. He had followed her to her room to make sure of where she was staying for when the time was right. It just so happened that he was in the same hotel. Once she lay on the bed, she brought her hand up to her view so she could see the ring. She smiled and slowly drifted off, not realizing the last word she spoke before her first peaceful sleep in years was her whispering the name…Sonny.

Chapter 5

She awoke with a start. She heard a man arguing with someone in the hall. She started to get up to check on it, but thought better of it after reminding herself of the years with Luis and Sonny. She turned and looked at the clock. It was almost 2 in the morning. She decided she wasn't tired and would go for a walk on the beach. She opened the doors to her terrace and walked out. There was a path that leads directly to the ocean. She walked until she was almost at the tide and sat down in the sand. There, she broke down and cried. It had been so long since she had really cried. She cried for Lila, the Q's, Robin, Jason, Jax, herself, and then, she cried for Sonny. In an instant, she felt the words coming out of her mouth, knowing what would happen if they did.

He was still standing in the hall outside her door. He had accidentally knocked another patron of the hotel over in a rush to get to Brenda's room. She had called out to him. He had felt it and needed to be there. He tried apologizing to the man, but the man kept yelling at him in Greek. He finally said he was sorry one more time and rushed off. He knocked softly on the door to her room and received no answer. Frustrated that the man may have kept him from her, he walked out of the hotel onto the beach. He needed to walk. He needed the fresh air. He could feel pain. Her pain was starting to overcome him. He knew he had to find her. He then, saw her. She was sobbing quietly to herself. He started to walk slowly towards her and stopped when he heard her whisper it. “I need you, Sonny. I need you.”

Chapter 6

He wouldn't have believed it if he didn't hear it himself. He assumed after hearing that his mind would be racing, but it wasn't. He felt at peace. She needed him. She was calling to him. He gave a quick small smile, but then she broke down more. He couldn't take the pain. It was hurting him so much. He thought she was so happy, and here she was in more pain than ever. He started walking again slowly towards her.

Suddenly, she stopped crying. She knew he was there. She could feel him from the instant she said she needed him. She wanted to run. She wanted to get up and run far away from him. She couldn't face him. Not like this. Not now. She heard his footsteps getting closer and decided it was now or never. She got up and didn't even turn to look at him. She took off down the beach. She had never run so fast in her life. She needed to get away.

He was startled to see her get up and run. He wasn't going to let her go. She needed him and he knew that. He took off after her. “Brenda, stop, please….” She was sobbing with every step that she took and she didn't know how much longer she could run. He was gaining on her and finally, he was able to grab her arm. She slowed and he jerked her into his arms as they fell to their knees. Her hair was stuck to her face because of tears and salt air. He gently pushed the hair back behind her ears. He wiped at the tears on her cheeks. “Don't cry, baby, I'm here.” He said softly while he smoothed her hair back behind her ears once more. She was staring into his eyes trying to find anything but love. Something to give her a reason to get up and run again, but she couldn't. It was all there in dark chocolate eyes. She wanted to find words to say to him, but all she could say was “Sonny…” His hands had her cheeks cupped and he stared deep into her. He couldn't take it anymore. Slowly, he moved down to her wet lips. He gently placed a kiss on her lips and started to pull away. Before he could, her hands were on his face pulling him into her for another. She kissed him and she didn't want it to stop. He wrapped his arms around her as they fell onto the sand his body on hers. He was in heaven and she wanted to fly.

Chapter 7

She was in a trance. She hadn't felt like this in so long. This is why her heart was calling to him. He couldn't believe this was happening. He was kissing her. They were laying together in the sand complete devouring each other's mouths like they had never been apart. Their tongues fought with each other for control. They each wanted to explore the other's mouth. He pulled back a little and pushed some hair back from her face. He looked into her eyes and smiled at her. “Brenda, I need you, too.” That was all he could muster up to say to her. There was so much in his heart that he was bursting to tell her, but she didn't need that. He knew she didn't need it. She reached her hand up and cupped his face and smiled a small smile. He leaned down and kissed her again enveloping her body in his. Her hands ran thru his curls while he ate at her neck. She pulled his face up to look at her. She didn't have anything to say at that moment. She wanted him. And from the look in his eyes, she would have him. She took her hands to his shirt and started to unbutton it slowly. He watched her shocked at what she was doing. He didn't even think that this would happen. He was not going to stop it. He let her pull his shirt off and gave a small moan when she went for his pants. He grabbed her hands and pulled them over her head with one hand and with the other her shirt was being lifted off. He placed small kisses down her torso stopping at each breast for a moment of fun.

He moved his way down to her skirt and started slowly unbuttoning it. She smiled at him. No words were spoken as they made love under the stars on the beach. They lay for a while until he got up with her in his arms. He carried her from the beach into his room. He didn't put her down until he reached the shower. She giggled as he placed her in, took her clothes off, and turned the water on her. He then stripped and joined her.
As they kissed her only thought was that if she could just have tonight. She would be happy forever with just one night.

Chapter 8

He slowly opened his eyes. He smiled at the thought that Brenda had spent the night with him. He rolled over and she was gone. He sat up quickly and looked around. “Brenda? Bren, where are you?” He looked in the bathroom and around the suite. There was no sign of her. He walked back into the bedroom and saw a note placed on the night table. He picked it up. All it said was I love you. If it weren't for that note, he would've thought he dreamed the previous day.

Why would she run from him? Why would she give him an amazing night and just leave? Being Sonny Corinthos, he'd be damned if he let her walk out on him like this. He got dressed and walked down to her room. He knocked on the door and it creaked open. He looked into the room and saw a maid cleaning it. He tried to ask if Brenda had checked out, but she did not understand English. He looked around and noticed that there was not clothes and shoes all over the floor. She was gone. “Dammit” he breathed as he walked up to his room. He picked up his clothes from the day before and felt the box in the pocket. He opened it up and saw it was empty where the ring had been. Now, that ring was on Brenda's hand.

A few hours earlier.

She woke up with his arm wrapped tightly around her. She smiled lifted her head off of his chest and smiled at him. She gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and slowly started to pull out of his grasp.

“Brenda….”he murmured.
“I'm going to the bathroom baby, I'll be back.” She lied.

She gathered up her scattered clothes and hurriedly dressed. She quickly wrote the note on the table and left the room. Her clothes were thrown everywhere in her room and she grabbed them all stuffing them into her suitcase not caring if they were ruined or wrinkled. She had to get out of there before he realized she was gone. She ran towards the elevator and pressed the button.
She was now sitting at the airport awaiting her flight to Paris. She saw the ring glimmer in the light. She smiled. Though the ring had just shown up out of nowhere, she knew who it came from. She knew this would be the one memento she would hold onto forever.

Chapter 9

She arrived in Paris and saw Robin waiting for her. She smiled at her best friend and ran to her.

B: I missed you so much!!
R: I missed you too!

Robin grabbed onto her friend tight.

R: How are you feeling? Is everything ok?
B: I'm fine. How about you?
R: I'm good. You didn't have any problems with the meds, did you?
B: Robin, I'm fine. I would tell you if I wasn't.
She stopped herself realizing she was on edge.
B: I'm sorry, I just had a strange few days.
They started walking towards the street and Robin hailed a cab. They sat in silence as the cab drove them to Robin's apartment. Once they got there, Brenda flopped down on the couch and sighed. Robin saw the glimmer of the ring on her finger. She walked over to it and looked closer at it.
R: Is there a story, or is it just something you wanted?
B: Just a ring I really liked.
R: What happened to you in Greece, Bren? Something is off.
B: I just, I guess I had too much time alone, you know. I think I need to be around people again. I think I am going to shower, then how about the two of us going out and getting some dinner.
R: Sounds great.
Robin smiled as Brenda went up the steps to take a shower. She didn't believe that nothing was wrong. Something was definitely wrong.
Sonny searched every way he could. He had every man available trying to track where Brenda went from Greece. He didn't know where to start, but he figured London was his best bet. That is where she had been. Julia was contacted and she wouldn't give up and information. Sonny then thought back to Robin at Lila's funeral. She said she sees Brenda. He picked up his phone and dialed her number.

Chapter 10

Robin heard the phone ringing as she was getting dressed. She quickly grabbed it, not looking at the caller ID first.
R: Hello?
S: Robin, hey, where is she?
R: Sonny? Hey….where is who?
S: Do you know where Brenda is?
R: Sonny, why do you…
S: Please, Robin, I need to know if you know where she is. It's important.
R: Sonny, I don't know why you want to see Brenda, but I can't tell you where she is unless she says it's ok. What if she doesn't want to see you?
S: Honestly, Robin, I don't care if she wants to see me or not. I need to know where she is. Either you are telling me or I'll find out on my own. The first choice is quicker and a lot less painful. Please, Robbie, something is wrong and I need to find her.
Robin hesitated for a moment. She didn't know what was right. She knew Brenda needed him with everything that was going on in her life, but she couldn't just tell him without Brenda knowing.
R: Sonny, I'll ask her and call you back if she wants you to know.
S: Not an option, please, don't make me beg.
He was frustrated and almost near tears. She had heard the crackle in his voice. She hurried and shut the door in case Brenda walked by.
R: Ok, Sonny. You win. She's here, with me. You can't come here, though, unless she wants you to.
S: Thanks, Robin, I'll see you tomorrow.
He hung up and immediately dialed to make the plans.
R: Sonny….Sonny…dammit.
Robin hung up the phone not knowing what just happened. He could be so damn stubborn. Brenda could be stubborn. Robin sat and put her face in her hands cursing herself for telling him. The next few days were going to be hell.

Chapter 11

Robin walked out of her bedroom and over to Brenda's room. Brenda's door was shut and she knocked softly. She could hear Brenda crying to herself.
R: Brenda, come on let me in please.
Brenda looked up at the closed door. She didn't want her to come in. She didn't want her pity.
R: Brenda, please….I'll just go get a knife and break in.
Brenda sighed, wiped her face and walked to the door.
R: I thought we were going out?
B: We are, I was just starting to get ready.
R: Why don't we stay home? We can order in and watch silly movies. Eat some popcorn.
B: No, I said I'm going out and we are going out. We need to have fun. No more sitting around the house. We need to live this life to the fullest.
She was starting to pump herself up a bit. Then, she stopped and spoke quietly.
B: We can't waste anymore time, Robin. We don't have any to waste.
R: We have plenty of time, Bren.
Robin walked over to her and gave her a hug. She knew how Brenda felt. The same way she did every day. At least they had each other. And soon, they would have Sonny.

Sonny couldn't sleep. It wasn't late, but he wanted to get up early. He tossed and turned in the bed that he had shared with Brenda. He couldn't be in it anymore. She was there, haunting him. He once again could feel her pain pulling him to her. He turned and looked at the pillow that lay next to him. He grabbed it and inhaled the faint scent of her. He threw it back on the bed, got up and got dressed. He had to go immediately to her. There was no sleeping until she was back in his arms. He dialed his pilot and advised him they would be flying out immediately to Paris.

Chapter 12

Robin and Brenda went out to eat. They ate their meals in a comfortable silence, only speaking to point out a great outfit, or great looking guy. Brenda spent most of the time staring at her ring. They stayed out for quite a few hours just enjoying each other's company.
They decided around 1 am to head back to Robin's apartment. When they arrived, Robin noticed a light on. She sighed having a feeling of why it was on. Brenda didn't even notice the unusual light. She was off in her own world. Robin opened the door and Brenda walked in and straight up to her room. She waved to Robin as a goodnight. Robin smiled and whispered into the air.
R: Alright, Sonny, come out wherever you are hiding.
Sonny smirked at her knowing he was there.
R: Sonny Corinthos, get out here now.
She was getting frustrated. He slowly emerged from behind her kitchen door with a big grin on his face.
S: I figured you wouldn't want me to surprise her, so I hid.
He walked over to her and pulled her into a hug.
S: I missed you. How are you?
R: I'm ok, Sonny. I missed you, too. What are you doing here? I thought you were waiting until tomorrow.
S: I couldn't. Something is wrong with her and I need to know what it is and I need to fix it.
R: Sonny….let me just tell you right now. You can't fix this. The only reason I told you she was here is because I know she needs your love to help her stay strong.
Sonny started to sense something was terribly wrong. He knew Brenda wasn't happy, but nothing to the extent of this.
S: What is wrong with her, Robin?
R: She needs to tell you if she wants you to know. Please, just leave it at that.
S: Fine. Is she wearing it?
R: Wearing what?
S: The ring.

Brenda lay in bed staring at the ring on her finger trying to relive the night before. When she walked in the house, there was the familiar feeling that he was near. She figured it was impossible and shrugged it off to just being with him the previous night. She couldn't stay with him. Not in her condition. It was something she had gone through before, even though the first time was a lie. This time it was real. When it happened before, she was ready for it and accepted it. This time, she wasn't ready. She still felt she had so much more to do with her life and with Sonny. She couldn't let him happen though. She left him in Greece. It was the right impulse decision. She wasn't about to have him watch her die. She loved him too much for that.

Chapter 13

She kept tossing and turning all night long. He had snuck in her room after sitting with Robin for a few hours catching up on her life. He was going to get a hotel, but decided he needed to be close to her where she couldn't run if Robin told her he was there. He sat and watched her sleep all night long. He couldn't even close his eyes for fear she would be gone when they opened. He saw the ring glimmer in the dim light that shone through the window. When Robin had asked him what ring, he didn't tell her anymore. Brenda didn't tell her about it. She had kept it a thing that only they would know. He slowly got up and went and sat beside her bed. He picked up her hand that wore the ring and kissed it gently trying not to disturb her. He had to feel her skin on his lips again. He was burning for her.

He slowly placed her hand back down by her side and returned to the chair in her room. She was still tossing and turning. While he started to doze, he heard her murmuring. His eyes opened up at the words she spoke. “Sonny, no. Sonny.” He knew this was the time. Slowly he walked back over to her bed and kneeled sat gently down beside her. He picked up her hand and brought it to his lips.

S: I'm right here, baby. You thought you could get away from me. You know better than that.
She slowly opened her eyes and saw him sitting with a proud grin on his face that he found her.
B: Sonny…. what are you doing here?
She started to sit up, but had a sharp pain run through her. She lay back down. He had noticed the look of pain on her face.
S: I very well couldn't let you walk out of my life again.
He picked up her hand and kissed the ring again.
S: So do you like it?
B: Of course I do. Your very sneaky, you know that.
She smiled playfully at him. He dimpled at her and kissed her hand again.
S: Anything to get you to fall in love with me again.
Brenda smiled and looked down at her ring trying to gather up strength. She looked back up at him after taking a deep breath.
B: Sonny, you can't stay with me. I don't want you with me.
S: Yes I can stay with you and I know you do want me with you. Don't fight me, Brenda. You won't win.
B: I have to fight you, Sonny. I can't let you stay.
S: You aren't letting me do anything. I'm staying. That's it.
A tear fell down her cheek as he fought her. This isn't what she wanted, though she knew it was what she needed. His hand reached out and brushed the tear from her cheek.
S: Sweetheart, please tell me what's wrong.
B: Please, just go. Before it gets worse.

Chapter 14

Brenda reached her hand up and put it on his face. She smiled slightly at him and wiped a tear from his eye. He nodded at her, grabbed her hand, and kissed it.
S: I'll go, on one condition. You tell me what the hell is wrong with you.
B: Sonny, no.
S: Then get used to me, sweetheart, because I am here to sweep you off your adorable little feet.
Brenda smiled at him. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.
S: Go back to sleep, sweetheart. I'll be here when you get up.
B: You won't want to be. Trust me.
She murmured as she dozed back into a fitful slumber.
S: I trust you, Brenda. With everything.
He whispered those words into her ear. After about 4 more hours of watching her sleep, he heard a soft knock on the door. He hurried and opened it to see Robin standing there.
R: Can you leave for a moment? I need to talk to Brenda.
S: She's sleeping.
R: Sonny, please.
He nodded and left the room confused.

Robin took her stethoscope out of her pocket and Brenda's pills from her drawer. She walked over to the bed and gently nudged Brenda awake. Brenda smiled seeing Robin.
B: Hey. Time already.
R: Yeah, here, take these.
Brenda took the handful of pills from Robin and swallowed each one separately with a sip of water. As she finished the last one, Robin listened to her heart and checked her pulse.
R: You are ok for the day. Let's get up and show Sonny around.
B: Sonny is still here?
R: Yes, he was in here with you all night last night.
B: Please, get rid of him. I tried to tell him to go.
R: Brenda, you know Sonny better than that. He isn't going anywhere. I think you should tell him. I think you really need him right now.
B: No. I don't want him watching me die.
Robin got angry. She spoke in a calm, but very stern voice.
R: Bren, you aren't going to die. Why are you giving up so quickly? You didn't let me give up and I'm not letting you. Now stop it. You will get out of that bed and you will tell Sonny and let him be here for you.
B: Robin, I can't.
R: Yes you can.
B: Robin, I can't get out of bed. Not today. It's too hard.
Robin realized what she meant and nodded.
R: Ok, you stay in bed. I will try to get rid of him for now, but I can't keep him away forever. I'll be back in a bit with some breakfast for you. Then, I'm calling Thomas. He needs to come and check you out. I'll also have him check to see where you are on the donor list. Ok?
Brenda nodded and looked down. Robin nodded back, then leaned down and gave her a gentle hug.

Chapter 15

Robin walked out of Brenda's room and saw Sonny standing in the hall. He looked at her with pain in his eyes.
S: Something is seriously wrong, isn't it?
R: Sonny, please just go for the day. She will tell you when she is ready.
S: I can't. I'm sorry, Robin. I just can't leave her like this. You don't understand. I am feeling her pain. I've been feeling her pain for months now, but you told me she was happy. You lied to me. I knew you lied to me, but I didn't question it. Dammit.
R: I didn't want you running out here to be with her. She doesn't need you to stay for a few days and then leave her. She can't handle it, Sonny. If you are staying for good, then it may be ok. No one knows more than I do how much she needs you, Sonny. She doesn't even know how much she needs you. But she doesn't need you for a few days. She needs you forever. I will tell you what is wrong with her, but you have to stay with her. Forever.
Sonny didn't even have to think about it. At this point, nothing else was more important to him than her. He would call home and make sure everything was settled there. Jason could take over. Carly was out of his life. The boys were ok for a little bit without him. He would call make sure to call them everyday and they could come visit with Jason if they wanted. All the planning went through his mind.
S: I'm not going anywhere. Not unless she is right by my side.
He said it proudly and stubbornly. She nodded at him and he walked back into Brenda's room. Brenda's eyes were closed as she rested. He sat down on the bed next to her. She opened her eyes.
B: You don't listen to anyone, do you?
S: I listen to you, but you are being unreasonable, so I am listening to your heart.
Brenda smiled.
S: Are you going to tell me? Or is Robin going to?
B: You have no right to know. You have no claim on me. I am not your problem anymore.
S: Sweetheart, you were never my problem. You were my soul. Now, I do have a right to know because I am not leaving you. Ever again. I want to stay and treasure you.
Brenda closed her eyes. He took the opportunity to lean down and place a gentle kiss on her lips. She tried not to kiss him back, but her lips did what they wanted. Soon, her hands were cupping his face gently. He pulled back and smiled.
S: So, why don't you get out of bed and we can go for a walk or something.
She smiled at him.
B: Ok, I'll get ready. Why don't you go stop Robin from cooking and cook breakfast for me? Can you send Robin up, too?
S: You got it, sweetheart.
He left the room and went to see Robin.
S: Brenda wants to see you. Mind if I take over?
R: Like I have a choice. I know you won't eat my cooking.
She smiled at him as she left the room. She walked into Brenda's room and noticed Brenda struggling to get out of bed. She hurried over to help her.
R: Just tell him, Brenda. Besides, he'll wonder why a doctor is coming over. He needs to know. You can't be out of bed right now.
B: I don't think I can. I mean, I felt great 2 days ago, now….It's just a bad day and I'll be back to normal tomorrow.
R: Thomas is on his way. He sounded in good spirits, so hopefully there is good news.
B: Help me clean up and get dressed?
R: Of course.

Chapter 16

Sonny was in the kitchen singing in Spanish while he cooked. He heard the doorbell ring and yelled to Robin. Finally, he walked over to the door and saw a man standing there.
T: Is Robin or Brenda around?
S: Yeah. They're here. Let me get Robin.
Sonny yelled to Robin again and she came running in.
R: Thomas, thank you for coming on such short notice. Thomas, this is our old friend Sonny. Sonny, this is Thomas. We work at the hospital together. Come with me. Brenda wants to see you.
She grabbed Thomas' hand and they walked back to Brenda leaving Sonny yet again, very confused and jealous. Brenda wouldn't flaunt a lover in front of him, would she? Not after what happened the other night. He knew they were hiding something big from him, but he would be patient for once in his life and wait for Brenda to tell him.

Thomas had finished checking Brenda over.
T: You're just weak. That's common. Have you been short of breath or coughing up anything?
B: No. Just tired and I feel like I can't move.
T: Keep taking your meds. Are you in any pain?
B: A little, but nothing I can't handle.
T: Ok, I spoke with the donor association. I got you moved up on the list. Right now, you are number 4. This is good news considering you were number 28. Now, we just wait and see.
B: I hate this. I hate the waiting. I don't want someone to die so I can live, that's awful. I've made up my mind that I don't want to be on that list anymore. I can't take someone else's heart. It's my time and I will accept that.
Sonny was walking into the room with breakfast when he heard the last few things Thomas and Brenda spoke. He stared at her, wide eyed with shock and pain.

Chapter 17

He couldn't move. Did they just say that….?? Oh, God, he couldn't even think it. Slowly, the tray he was holding with breakfast was removed from his hands. He didn't know what to say or do. He heard the door close behind him and saw tears forming in Brenda's eyes. She put her head in her hands.
B: I didn't want you to know. I told you I don't want you here. Please, Sonny. Just go.
He still couldn't move. He was frozen in time. Slowly, his brain started pushing him to snap out of it. He looked at her, love in his eyes and walked over to her bed.
S: What is going on? Just tell me the truth, Brenda. Please.
B: I can't.
S: I won't leave you. I promise you I'm not going anywhere. I told Robin that this morning. I'm only leaving if you are with me. Please, sweetheart.
Brenda had tears flowing steadily from her eyes. She had no choice.
B: It's my heart, Sonny. I need a transplant to live.
S: You can have mine.
Brenda chuckled at his willingness.
B: No, Sonny.
S: Brenda, you already have it.
More tears ran down her cheeks.
What can I do, baby? Please, tell me.
B: You can leave. I don't want you to see me go through this.
S: Not an option.
B: It is for me. Go, I don't want you here.
S: You need me, Bren, whether you admit it or not.
B: I do need you to leave me be, Sonny. I don't have the energy to fight you on this, so please, don't make me fight you.
S: Don't fight me and we will both be happy.
He would've left on a normal day and given her time. This wasn't normal. He would fight her. He would frustrate her. He would make her angry. But he would not leave her.
B: Sonny…
S: Brenda, listen to me. We can sit here and argue until the sun goes down, but I'm not going to leave. Got it?
He noticed more tears going down her cheeks.
B: Can I just be alone for a moment?
He nodded at her and walked out of the room. Robin and Thomas were in the kitchen eating Sonny's breakfast. He walked in looking defeated.
S: Tell me everything.

Chapter 18

R: Sonny, what did she tell you?
S: Is she really??
He couldn't finish his sentence. He felt the tears burning in his eyes.
R: We are doing everything we can so that doesn't happen, Sonny.
S: She was fine 2 days ago.
R: The spells come and go. Wait, you were together?
S: In Greece. God, she is so beautiful. Tell me, Robin. What do we do?
Robin hesitated, but figured he already knew the main things.
R: She has dilated cardiomyopathy. It's a heart condition. She is taking meds to keep from heart failure, but they aren't working anymore. She pretty much needs a new heart to live. Sometimes, the symptoms aren't as apparent as they are now. She has days where she is very weak and tired. Then, there are days you wouldn't even know.
T: She won't have very many of those days left. She is getting worse. We have her on the donor list and got her up to number 4. I don't know if she'll be able to make…
S: Don't even say it. She will. She's a fighter. She's strong and stubborn.
R: Sonny…
S: I'm going back to her.
He left the room. Thomas looked at Robin.
T: So that is the great love of her life?
Robin smiled.
R: Yes, that's Sonny. And if anyone can give her a will to live, it's him.

When Sonny walked in the room, Brenda was trying to get up. He ran to her.
S: Hey, hey, what are you doing?
B: Sonny, I don't need your help. I don't need your pity, now how many times do I have to ask you to leave before you finally do. GO! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!
She stumbled as she screamed the words at him and tears were again falling from her eyes. She was sobbing as she fell to the floor. He ran over to her and held her in his arms. He spoke soothingly to her.
S: What did I tell you, huh? I'm not going anywhere. I don't feel sorry for you, or pity you, baby. I'm here because you need me. I know you do. I feel it. Right here.
He took her hand and put it on his heart.
I feel you, baby.
Brenda was sobbing uncontrollably. She held her hand to Sonny's heart.
B: Yours works just fine.
S: Hey, Brenda, listen to me, ok? Listen. You will beat this. I will help you beat this. You are the strongest, most stubborn woman I know. We'll make it happen, together. I'm here for you and I'm not moving.
He held her closer to him as they sat together on the floor. She wiped her face and looked up at him with her eyes big and scared.
B: Really?
S: Yes, baby, really.

Chapter 19

He had watched her sleep most of the day and night. He sat in the chair in her room, not wanting to get in her way. He wanted her to be comfortable. He finally decided to take a break and left the room. He found Robin sleeping on the couch. Sonny gently nudged her.
S: Hey, Robin, wake up a second.
Robin stirred and looked up at him with sleepy eyes.
R: Is Brenda ok?
S: Yeah, she's sleeping. I have a question for you.
R: Sure, what is it?
S: Does anyone know other than you? I mean, Julia, Ned, Lois?
R: Julia knows. Bren didn't want anyone in Port Charles to know.
S: She didn't want anyone to know or she didn't want anyone telling me.
R: Sonny….
S: Lois and Ned deserve to know. They are her family. Mike, too.
R: Sonny, you can't make that decision yet. So many things can happen. Don't do it until it's necessary.
S: Robin, think about it. Don't you want to spend every waking moment with her. Just being with her? I know I do. Wouldn't they?
R: Yes, but she isn't ready. You should be happy she let you stay.
S: I didn't give her a choice in the matter. I'll give it a week. Then, everyone is coming here. I'm calling Jason. I just wanted you to know.

He picked up his phone.
J: Yeah?
S: Hey, it's me. How are things?
J: Smooth on the business front. On your personal side, I think I'm going to be joining you in Greece. Carly is driving me nuts wondering where you are.
S: I'm not in Greece anymore. And just ignore Carly. Do me a favor, call Justus and have him start up the divorce papers. Tell him to put it through yesterday.
J: I'm on it. Where are you?
S: Paris.
J: With Robin?
S: And Brenda.
J: Brenda? Sonny…
S: Jason, you have no idea, ok. If you need a break, take a vacation. I gotta go. Call me if you need anything.
Robin looked at him and smiled.
R: Everything ok?
S: Yeah, I just left him with my mess to clean up. He's a little stressed.
R: What is going on, Sonny, with you and Carly, I mean.
S: I'm getting as far away from her as possible.
R: Why?
He spoke the words softly to her.
S: Because I can't be married when I'm in love with someone else. I've lied to myself long enough.
R: You're still in love with her?
Robin was shocked at his outpouring of emotions.
S: Do you even need to ask, Robin?
R: I guess not. Stone always knew. I just wish you would've sooner than this.
Sonny grabbed her and pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.
S: I wish I would've, too.
He held her for a moment while a tear fell down his cheek.

Chapter 20

He was back in her room waiting for her to wake up. He saw her starting to stir. She slowly opened her eyes. He walked over to her bed. She lay there staring up at him. She smiled at him. He was still there. He had seen her weak, scared, and he hadn't left. He looked down at her, grabbed her hand and kissed it gently.
S: Hey, there, beautiful.
B: Hey.
S: How are you feeling?
B: I think I feel pretty good.
S: Good. Get up, get dressed and let's roll.
B: What do you mean?
S: We are going out.
B: Should I even ask where? I'm sure it's a surprise.
S: You're right, it is a surprise. The sooner you are done, the sooner you can find out what it is.
Brenda smiled at him and got out of bed. She was feeling much stronger. Almost normal. She wished this was every day.
B: I have some work I have to get done.
S: Well, it can wait. This can't.
She nodded and smiled at him, knowing a fight wasn't worth it. She started for the bathroom. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into him. She looked up at him, her eyes shining with love. He smiled at her and leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. She reveled in his kiss. It was heaven.
S: I'll be waiting.
She nodded and went into the bathroom. He walked out of her room after he heard the shower and sat on the sofa. He put his head in his hands and cried. He cried for her. He cried for every time he hurt her in the rain. He cried for her when she “died.” He cried for the pain she suffered at the hands of Luis Alcazar. He cried for the pain in her eyes when they kissed on the docks and he left her, again. He cried for every time she was ever hurt. And then he cried because he could lose her again. He heard the water stop running and realized he needed to pull himself together. She needed strength from him and he would give it to her.

When she got in the shower, she reveled in having a moment to pull herself together. She knew she hadn't been herself. She needed to be strong. She had no choice now that Sonny was involved. He would expect her to fight. He would expect her to win the fight, too. She knew it was good that he was there with her. She stood in the shower, taking a few deep breaths, ignoring the pain that was flowing through her. She had to make it through the day. She had to be there for him. He couldn't see her any worse than what he saw yesterday. She couldn't face the pain in his eyes when he saw her like that. She got out of the shower and smiled at her ring. Something he had given her out of love before he even knew what was wrong. She quickly got ready and walked down the steps to an anxious Sonny. He smiled when he saw her. She still lit up a room. When she got to the last step, he walked over to her and picked her up, spinning her around. He loved having her in his arms.

Chapter 21

He carried her out to the waiting limo and put her gently in the back seat. It wasn't that she needed carried, he just wanted to hold her. She didn't argue. She needed to be close to him. When he sat down in the car he grabbed her and placed her in his lap. She placed her head on his shoulder and smelled his lovely scent. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to get even closer. She couldn't get enough of him that moment. She had wondered what was going on in his life in PC that he could give it all up just to stay with her. She finally got up the courage to ask him.
B: Sonny?
S: Yes, sweetheart.
B: What about your family?
S: The boys are fine. I spoke to them while you were in the shower. Carly will be my ex-wife very, very soon. I'm free, baby. I have to go back at some point, but you are coming with me and I'm not taking no for an answer.
B: Sonny, I can't go back. I don't want anyone to know.
S: Too bad, Brenda. There are people there that are your family. They love you and I want you around them. I want you home. Where you belong.
B: Sonny…
S: No arguing. We don't have to go right away. We have some time.
B: But we aren't together anymore. I told you I don't want to put you through this.
S: And I told you I don't care what you say. We are together, baby.
He stroked her hair gently and placed a soft kiss on her lips.
You are all mine, Brenda. Now and always.
B: Why? Why now? What has changed?
S: I finally got a brain. I started to take a look at my life and I realized that I wasn't happy. I hadn't been happy since you left. I knew I needed you. I didn't follow you to Greece. I was pulled there. I didn't know why until I saw you at the jewelry stand.
B: The ring….
She spoke softly looking at the beautiful piece of art that was on her finger. He took it and kissed it for the thousandth time. He wanted her to know that she was wearing his heart on her finger. She smiled at him. He put his hands around her face and pulled her in for a kiss. She smiled against his lips.
B: You knew…you felt it, didn't you?
Sonny nodded and spoke in a heart wrenching whisper.
S: Yeah.
He put his arms around her tight and held her close. He had a tear falling down his cheek. Her pain was his.
S: I don't want you hurting anymore. I'm going to fix that.
She nestled her head in his neck and smiled slightly at his comment.
B: You already have.

Chapter 22

Their destination was about an hour drive from Paris into the countryside. She had fallen asleep in his lap and he just enjoyed the time holding her. He stroked her hair and kept kissing her forehead. He couldn't stop touching her. When they arrived, he gently kissed her lips to wake her.
B: Mmmmm….Sonny…
He smiled. She made him so happy.
S: We're here, baby. Wake up.
B: Where are we?
S: No where in particular, just a place where it's quiet.
He got out of the car and reached in for her. He still wanted her in his arms. He couldn't help it.
B: I can walk.
S: I know you can. I just don't want to let you go.
Brenda smiled and got out of the car. He placed a small kiss on her lips and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed. He loved her laugh. She lit up the world when she laughed. He carried her a little ways through a field. She watched all around taking in the whole scene. It was beautiful. He could only watch her. He saw the blanket he had someone set up for him with the picnic. She noticed it and smiled. He gently sat her down on the blanket and sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her pulling her in close.
S: I have good memories of a picnic with you. I wanted to make some more.
B: It's lovely, Sonny. Thank you.
S: Anything for you.
Brenda turned around to face him. She placed her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. She saw hurt in there. She knew she was putting that hurt there. He dimpled at her as she gently stroked him trying to fight the tears starting in her eyes. She was just about to start telling him he needed to go and leave her when he smiled. When she saw him smile, she felt it all come rushing back. She felt his love. She saw his love in his eyes. She knew that making him go without her would hurt him more than her dying with him by her side. She realized that he needed to be with her as much as she needed him there. She decided then and there she would do anything he wanted and go wherever he wanted, even back to Port Charles.
S: Brenda? Are you ok?
The tears were flooding down her cheeks and she didn't even realize it. They weren't sad tears, though. They were happy tears. He was with her. She leaned in and kissed him gently.
B: I am so ok, Sonny.
He took her face in his hands and looked lovingly into her eyes and whispered to her.
S: I love you, Brenda.
The tears fell even faster after that. She laughed her lovely laugh. He smiled so big at her joy.
B: I love you, Sonny. Thank you for this, for everything. And thank you for fighting for me.
She moved and sat on his lap and kissed him hard. He held onto her tightly as they kissed. He wanted to swallow her. He wanted to make her his once and for all. He reached for her shirt and started to gently tug at it. She stopped and pulled it off for him. Then, she started to unbutton his shirt taking in every inch of his gorgeous body. There, they made love like it was their first time all over again. They confessed their love and then gave themselves to each other. They would never be with anyone else again. They belonged to each other now and forever.

Chapter 23

They arrived back at Robin's apartment in Paris quite a few hours later. Robin had just gotten home from the hospital. When they walked in the door, she was sitting on the couch sipping some tea, reading a book. Brenda smiled at her friend and Robin knew then that Sonny had convinced her to let him be around. Robin got up and walked over to the happy couple, tears in her eyes.
R: I'm so happy for you two!!
Brenda and Sonny both grabbed Robin and pulled her into them. They laughed at the moment. Robin pulled back and looked at Brenda.
R: How do you feel?
B: I'm amazing right now.
R: Yeah, well, sit down. I have to check anyway.
Brenda nodded at her and sat down. Sonny sat down right next to Brenda and kissed her cheek. He kept touching her and leaning into kiss her. Robin couldn't even take her pulse.
R: If you don't stop that, Sonny, I'm going to have to kick you out!!
Brenda laughed at Robin's frustration. Sonny dimpled at her and got up.
S: My guess would be you two want to girl talk. I'm going to take a shower and leave you two be.
After Robin finished checking Brenda's vital signs, she ran and grabbed some ice cream and brought it in the living room. She handed a laughing Brenda a bowl and sat down.
R: I want details. What happened?? You look so happy, Bren.
B: Robin, I am happy. He has made me feel like I've never felt before. I'm going to fight this. I have to. I can't let him down.
R: Oh, Bren, I'm so glad he's back.
Brenda smiled at her sister. She looked down at the precious ring on her finger.
R: So, what is it with that ring?
Brenda smiled even bigger and told her the story of Greece.

When he came down the stairs freshly showered, Robin and Brenda were both laughing. Sonny smiled at the 2 most important women in his life and walked to give Brenda a kiss.
B: Mmmm…you smell good.
S: Thank you. So what are you two talking about?
B: Girl stuff…nothing of interest to you.
S: Anything you have to say is always of interest to me.
R: On that note, I'm going to bed. I'm taking an early shift tomorrow because Brenda, you have an appointment at 4. Don't forget. I will be waiting at the doctors for you both.
S: We will be there.
B: Have a good day tomorrow. Get some sleep.
They hugged and Robin went to bed.
S: You know, I could get some sleep myself. Would you like to join me?
B: Sleep?
S: Well…I figured you might want to play Monopoly before bed.
B: Is that what you call it now?
She laughed and crawled onto his lap giving him a long, sensual kiss.
S: Mmm…or we could do that all night.
B: Sounds amazing!
He got up with her in his arms and walked up to her bedroom.

Chapter 24

Brenda woke up the next morning to Sonny stroking her hair and staring at her. She smiled at him.
B: Good morning.
S: Good morning, sweetheart. How are you today?
B: This is the best I've felt since I've been diagnosed. Have I told you that I love you?
S: Yes, but I would love to hear it again.
B: Mmmm…I love you, Sonny. I will do whatever you need to do. If we need to go back to PC, then let's go. We can convince Robin to come, too. I don't want to leave her.
Sonny was surprised.
S: Are you serious, baby? I mean, I would love that, not just for me, but for you. You need to be around everyone that loves you. Especially now that Lois moved back with Brook Lynn. I'm sure they would love to have you there.
B: Can you believe Brook Lynn? She grew so fast. It seems like only yesterday she was 8 years old.
S: I know. Well, one day, maybe we can have our own to watch grow up.
Brenda stopped smiling.
We will, Bren. I have faith in you.
B: What if we don't? What will you do? You will hate me.
S: We will. And I would never hate you. Just relax and think about it, sweetheart. I'll finally build you that castle. We will be married in front of our friends and family. We will have as many children as we can.
Brenda laughed.
B: Of course we'll have lots of children. I'd be stuck doing all the work. You get the fun stuff.
S: Well, I would have to take care of you. Go out for pickles at 2 in the morning. I would spoil you rotten.
B: I could handle that!!
She laughed thinking positive for the first time in months. He had made her want to do that. She would live. For him and for the children that they would have. They got up and proceeded to make out while attempting to get dressed; then, they ended up back in bed. A little later, Brenda started getting out of bed for the 5th time.
B: You like to practice don't you?
S: Only with you.
She smiled and kissed him and headed to the bathroom. He quickly got up and joined her in the shower. When they finally emerged, it was almost noon. They decided to go to lunch and walk around before going to Brenda's appointment. When they finally arrived at the doctor's office, Robin was waiting there for them. She gave them each a hug and asked Brenda the usual questions of how are you feeling. They all went into the doctor's office and waited for Thomas to come in.
T: Hey, Brenda, Robin, Sonny. How are you feeling, Brenda?
B: Amazing.
T: You still want a heart, then?
Brenda sighed at the thought, but looked at Sonny for the strength she needed.
B: Yes. I do.
T: I hear you will be moving to Port Charles.
Brenda looked at Sonny and he shrugged with a :sneaky grin on his face.
B: I think I would like to be with my family. Only if Robin joins me.
Robin hesitated for a moment, and then smiled at Brenda and Sonny.
R: I will do whatever you want, Bren. I just want to be with you. You are my best friend.
Brenda was ecstatic that Robin agreed without so much as a question. She got up and hugged her friend excitedly.
After Thomas gave her the clear to travel and checked her out, he asked for Monica Quartermaine's information so he could send her file. Brenda had made sure to ask him to wait so she could break the news to the Q's first. She didn't want them finding out from anyone but her. They left the doctor's office and started planning the trip to Port Charles.

Chapter 25

A few days later.

Brenda was sitting on the floor in her room packing her things. Most of her bigger things were still in London. She was going to leave it there until she knew she would be back in PC permanently. Sonny was downstairs cooking dinner and Robin was still at the hospital. Brenda had been feeling ok the past few days and had not had any more weak spells. She hoped it would stay that way. Sonny made her feel better. He was doing everything he could to make her comfortable, yet loved. She had never felt so lucky in her life.
Sonny received a phone call and couldn't wait to tell Brenda the good news. He ran up the steps quickly and walked into Brenda's mess.
S: Baby, guess what?
He walked over to her and sat down behind her kissing her neck.
B: What?
She giggled while he continued to nuzzle her neck.
S: I just spoke with Jason. Carly signed the divorce papers with no arguments. No problems. She isn't going to fight me for custody. She is agreeing to joint.
B: Why do I find that hard to believe?
S: I don't know, but it's true.
He sighed. He was so happy at this moment. Brenda was in his arms, Carly was out of the way, and the kids would have a family. Brenda turned around and looked at him. She put her arms around him and smiled.
B: I'm happy for you, Sonny.
S: You should be happy for us, sweetheart. You're a big part of this. Now, you need to clean up this mess. Some things never change, do they?
She smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss. He grabbed her to deepen the kiss, but she stopped him.
B: Uh, uh…some things really don't change. If you want me back in Port Charles you are going to need to leave me be for a while. I have to get my things together.
S: I'll try, but no promises.
He walked out of the room whistling and walked down the steps to continue with dinner. About a half hour later, Sonny was putting the finishing touches on dinner and Robin was walking through the door looking exhausted.
R: Hey, Sonny. How is she?
S: Hey, Robin
He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
Dinner is almost ready. And Brenda is beautiful as always.
R: I'm going to go up and do a check on her.
She walked up the stairs to Brenda' s room and knocked on the door. She didn't hear an answer and didn't hear any noise. She knocked again, immediately starting to worry. She finally burst through the door. She didn't even remember Sonny until he yelled up the steps.
S: Hey, my beautiful girls. Dinner. You two gorgeous creatures want to come and eat?
Robin's heart almost stopped.
R: Sonny!! Get up here!!
Sonny immediately froze in fear.

Chapter 26

R: Sonny, please!!
Robin needed his help to lift Brenda onto the bed. She had already called paramedics and Thomas in her frenzy. Now, she was checking vitals to make sure Brenda would make it to the hospital. Sonny had come flying up the stairs as soon as he snapped out of it. He burst into the room and saw Robin kneeling next to an unconscious Brenda.
R: Help me put her on the bed?
Sonny immediately grabbed Brenda and sat her gently on the bed. He looked with tears in her eyes up at Robin.
R: We need to find her a heart. Fast.
Sonny nodded. He took his cell phone out of his pocket and started dialing.
R: Sonny, I called the paramedics. They are on their way.
S: I am finding her a heart.
R: Sonny…you can't go out and kill….
Before she could finish, he walked out of the room. The paramedics arrived a few moments later and Sonny let them in the house. He went with them to the hospital and refused to leave Brenda's side. Robin grabbed him when they wheeled Brenda into a room.
R: Let them look at her.
S: I need to be with her.
R: You are with her. Now sit.
He nodded and sat quietly.
R: I will be calling Monica. We will have her transported to PC if she is strong enough to make the trip. Monica is one of the best cardiologists in the world. Bren would trust Monica.
S: Brenda wanted to tell her. She didn't want them finding out through medical records.
R: We don't have a choice, Sonny.
Robin noticed Thomas coming out of Brenda's room.
R: Well?
T: She's stable at the moment. She is conscious. The heart does not want to perform. She is unconscious because she was having trouble breathing. Her lungs started to build up with fluid. We were able to drain the fluid in her lungs. The damage to her heart muscles is too bad. I'm going to try to get her higher on the transplant list. What we can do now to help is give her a left ventricular assist device. It will help her heart perform while we wait for a new one. She should have some time once that is in.
R: Can she make it to PC?
T: I think tomorrow, after the surgery for the device, she may be up for it, if not tomorrow, the next day, once her heart is used to the device. I will prescribe oxygen for her, also. She is going to be very weak, though. She is also going to need your love.
He said that looking at Sonny. Sonny was starting to get angry at the comment. This guy doesn't need to tell him what Brenda needs.
S: I'm going in there.
He didn't ask he just went. Thomas stood staring after him. Robin tried to apologize for Sonny.
R: Thomas, you have to understand what he is feeling right now. I'm sorry. He gets like that sometimes.
T: I understand.

Sonny walked into a groggy Brenda. She was hooked up to all kinds of machines and she looked pale.
S: Hey, there beautiful.
B: Hey.
She was week and spoke in a froggy whisper.
S: We are still going to take you to Port Charles tomorrow.
B: Good…..I want to be home.
Sonny smiled at her as she fell back asleep. He laid his head down on her lap gently and held her hand tight. He cried silent tears for her pain. Robin came in and sat down next to a resting Sonny. She put her hand on his shoulder and he looked up at her.
R: Hey
S: Hey
R: She wake up?
S: For a minute. I don't want to bother her. She needs her rest to make it through tomorrow.
R: She's strong. I'm going to go home and finish packing her things. I will be back in a few hours. I want to get everything done so I can be here tomorrow. I'm going to observe her surgery.
S: Ok.
R: Do you want anything?
S: I've got all I need here in this bed.
Robin smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Then, she kissed Brenda's forehead and left.

Chapter 27

The next day's operation went as well as can be expected. The device was in and working properly. Brenda was awake and recovering. She wasn't able to leave the same day, so they were leaving in the morning. The only reason for that was that Robin was with her to keep an eye on her. They had left the hospital and boarded Sonny's plane to PC. Brenda had an IV and oxygen still hooked up to her. Robin had called and notified Monica. They would be waiting for her at GH.
Sonny had carried her onto the plane. She enjoyed that part. He gently set her down and helped her buckle. She smiled at him as she got settled. He sat down next to her and buckled up.
S: Are you going to be ok sitting up for the takeoff?
B: Yeah, I think so. Hold my hand? I hate flying.
S: I can understand why.
She smiled at him. He kissed her hand gently and lay his head back to rest a moment. He hadn't slept since Brenda had been in the hospital. He didn't care. He wanted to be with her and only her.
She was sleeping as they arrived in Port Charles. When Sonny stepped off the plane, Brenda was in his arms. Robin next to them with the IV bag held high and Sonny's bodyguard rolling the oxygen tank. Robin was the first to spot Monica, Alan, Ned, and Lois. They had ambulance drivers with them to take Brenda to GH. Brenda was peacefully sleeping in Sonny's arms when they saw them.
Sonny nodded at them as he approached. Robin gave them all careful hugs. Brenda was still peacefully sleeping when Sonny kissed her forehead gently to wake her up.
B: Mmm…Sonny?
S: Sweetie, we're here. There are people that want to see you.
B: Ok.
She kissed him gently on the lips and turned her head slowly to see most of her family staring at her trying to hold back the tears. She tried to smile at them, but it was hard. This was why she didn't want to come back. She didn't want these people to hurt. Sonny felt her stiffen and kissed her cheek for reinforcement and courage. He gently sat her down on the gurney the ambulance drivers brought and Lois went running up to her trying to give her a gentle big hug.
L: I'm so glad you came home! I missed you so much!!
B: I missed you, too, Lo.
Brenda tried to hug, but couldn't do it well. Monica walked up.
M: Come on, everyone. We need to get her to the hospital.
She looked down at Brenda and smiled.
M: I'm glad you came to me. We missed you.
Brenda nodded at her and squeezed her hand.
I'm going to check you out real quick. Robin, can you give me an update on how she was on the plane?
R: Sure.
Ned walked up and shook Sonny's hand. Then, he kissed Brenda's cheek.
N: Hey. It's about time you get back here. We missed you.
Brenda smiled.
B: I missed you, Ned.
Brenda felt uncomfortable with the whole welcoming committee and was glad that they were the only 4 there. She knew Monica and Alan would be, but she never figured Ned and Lois would've had to find out from anyone but her. And she was damn sure that she would be getting chewed out for that later.
With that last welcome, Brenda was wheeled into the ambulance where Sonny and Monica joined her. Everyone else followed in their cars.
Sonny sat down next to her on the gurney and rubbed the back of his hand gently on her face. She turned her cheek to his hand to feel him more. He leaned down and gave her a gentle peck.
S: I'm here, baby. I will be with you the entire way and I'm not going anywhere.
B: I know you aren't, Sonny.
He kissed her again.
M: So is it safe to assume you two are back together?
Brenda giggled.
S: Oh yes, it is very safe. We are very much back together and very much in love, aren't we sweetheart?
B: Yes, Sonny. We are.

Chapter 28

Brenda was sitting in the hospital bed smiling at Sonny who wouldn't stop staring at her.
B: Why do you keep staring at me?
S: You are just so beautiful, you know that?
She smiled at him. He leaned over and gently kissed her.
B: So when are you breaking me out of here?
S: Monica said probably tomorrow. You've recuperated well.
B: I hope this helps.
S: It will help.
Monica walked in then and smiled at them.
M: Well, so far so good. All your tests came back good. The device is doing it's job and the heart is letting it. This is a good thing, Brenda. This device will really help you.
B: What will it really be doing?
M: It basically helps your heart pump. We use it to bridge the time until a donor heart is transplanted. It will last a while and help you stay healthy. Once we get word of a donor heart, we'll get rid of it once and for all.
She handed Brenda a beeper.
This you need to keep with you at all times. When we find a donor heart, that will go off and you need to get here as soon as possible. Time is of the essence and you'll need to come in for last minute labs before we can transplant.
Brenda nodded at her words and Sonny listened intently.
B: How long do you think it will be?
M: It can be a year; it can be a few weeks. We just don't know. You are still number 4, so we just have to wait.
S: How long can this device last?
M: Hopefully until we find her a new heart. Don't worry, Brenda. We are going to take good care of you. I will let you out of here tomorrow, but on the condition that you are seeing me 3 times a week for check-ups and coming over to the mansion for tea.
B: Of course!
Brenda smiled at Monica and Monica started to leave.
M: Oh, and there a few people outside that want to see you. Would you like me to send them in?
B: Sure.
Sonny leaned into Brenda and kissed her again.
S: See, sweetheart, it is all working out.
B: So far.
S: I love you, Brenda.
L: Ok, enough of this mushy stuff. Does someone want to tell my why my best friend in the world didn't tell me about needing a heart transplant?
Lois burst in the room yelling at them.
My two best friends don't tell me? Are you mad at me or something?
S: Lois, give her a break, ok?
B: I'm sorry, Lo. I didn't want anyone to know.
L: Understandable. Next question. Does someone want to tell me why I am the last to know that my two best friends in the world are back together?
Brenda giggled.
B: That just happened, Lo. We didn't have time.
L: Yeah, whatever.
Lois sat down on the bed.
How you feelin?
B: Better now that I'm home with my family. Where's Brook?
L: She's out with Georgie and Dillon. She'll be by later.
B: Sonny, can we have a moment?
S: No. I'm not leaving so you two can talk about me.
L: Get outta here, Corinthos.
He smiled and leaned down and kissed Brenda.
S: I'll be right outside. I love you.
B: I love you.
After he left, Lois leaned in.
L: I want everything, from the beginning and don't you dare leave any details out.
Brenda laughed.

Sonny walked into the waiting room and saw Robin sitting with Mac. He sat down next to Robin and smiled at her. He then got out his phone and started dialing.

Chapter 29

Jason walked into the hospital looking for Sonny about 15 minutes after he had called him. He spotted him sitting next to Mac and walked over to him. He nodded at Mac wondering why Sonny was sitting with him.
S: Hey, Jase, sit down.
Jason didn't like the look on Sonny's face.
J: What's going on?
S: I need you to find me another penthouse. I need you get me some books so that things can be ordered for the place. I need it done now.
J: Sonny…
S: Brenda needs a heart transplant, Jason. She is here. In that room over there. She is staying here with me. She is getting better and I'm going to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her like I should have years ago.
Jason just sat there stunned.
S: Please, do this for me.
J: You got it. Will she be ok?
S: God, I hope so.
Sonny whispered it to him. Jason could see his pain.
Jason nodded and then saw Robin walking towards them. Robin saw Jason and the look in his eyes. Though they had previously hated each other, Robin could see the hurt in Jason's eyes. She knew Sonny told him. She walked up to him and put her arms around him. He held her for a moment, sharing the same grief over a friend. Jason pulled away and looked at her.
J: How are you?
R: Good, how are you?
J: Good.
He looked at Sonny.
I will take care of this for you right now. I'll be back in a bit.
S: Thanks, man.
Jason nodded again at Mac and walked out of the hospital.
R: Can I ask?
S: He's just getting things set up for Brenda and I for when she gets out of here. New penthouse, furniture, everything to make her comfortable in our home.
R: She will love that, Sonny.
Sonny grabbed her and gave her a big hug.
S: I'm so glad your back, Robin.
R: Me, too. Sonny, have you called anyone else? I mean, I think there are some people that should know.
S: I'm doing it all at Brenda's discretion. She doesn't want it spread like wildfire. She especially doesn't want people like Jax and Carly coming in here. The people will know when she wants them to.
R: What about Mike?
S: I'm going to call him. If anything, just to tell him that we are together. For once, I can make the old man proud.
Robin smiled at him.
R: I'm going to go see what Lois is pulling out of her that I may have missed. Why don't you go home and sleep?
S: No. I'll be out here.
She nodded and went into Brenda's room.

Sonny was sitting in the waiting room with his head in his hands when he heard a voice say his name. “Dammit” he thought. Just want Brenda wanted to avoid.
S: What do you want, Candyboy.
J: Rough day, Corinthos, you look like hell?
S: Thanks for the concern, now what is it?
J: Oh, nothing major, I just wanted to tell you to stay away from my child. Just because Jason is playing Daddy doesn't mean that you can be, too. Got it?
S: I don't know what the hell……Lila?
J: You got it.
S: I'll believe it when I see it. Get out of my face, Candyboy.
Lois then poked her head out of Brenda's room and yelled down the hall.
Jax looked up at Lois standing by the door and his eyes were wide.
J: Brenda?

Chapter 30
S: Stay the hell away from her.
J: I think I will let her decide that.
Jax started walking towards Lois when Sonny grabbed him and held him back.
S: There is no way in hell you are going in there, got it? She already told me she didn't want to see you, now leave her alone.
J: Let go of me.
L: Both of you, stop. Jax, Sonny is right. Bren doesn't want to see you.
J: What's wrong with her?
Jax looked at the pained look in both Sonny and Lois' eyes. Is she ok? Someone, please, tell me.
S: You lost your right to know when you left her at the altar.
Sonny started to walk away.
J: I didn't do anything worse than you did, Corinthos.
With that, Sonny lost it. He turned around and ran towards him shoving him up against a wall.
S: I love her, you scum. Not that it's your business, I would NEVER offer her money to leave town. I would NEVER be able to look her in the eye and tell her I don't love her. Now get the hell out of here before I kill you myself.
He shoved Jax down to the floor and walked away. He went into the chapel, sat down, and tried to cool off.
Lois looked at Jax lying on the ground. She held her hand out to help him up.
L: He's right, ya know.
J: Yeah, well, I did love her.
L: You did…past tense. Sonny loving her has always been in the present tense, no matter what. Leave Brenda alone, Jax. If she wants to see you, she'll let you know.
J: Will she be ok?
L: Say a prayer.
Lois smiled and walked back into Brenda's room. Brenda and Robin looked up at her. Brenda had tears in her eyes.
L: You heard that?
Brenda nodded.
B: Not all of it, but I heard Sonny.
L: Then why are you crying?
B: Because I love him so much! I love him so much and I may end up leaving him.
Robin and Lois both walked over to the bed and sat down.
L: We aren't letting you go anywhere, you got it?
Brenda laughed a little and nodded at them.

Sonny was sitting in the chapel thinking. He needed to think about everything that was going on. He needed to decide what to do. He loved this woman so much. He started to think about their years together and then, he thought about the years he was so afraid he would miss. He had always regretted leaving her at the altar. It was the one thing in his life that he would change if he could go back. He would deal with the beatings and the closets as long as he could have Brenda. He wished he could get all the years that he wasted with Carly and turn them into years with Brenda. Sonny looked up at the candles and smiled.
S: Stone, I know you're out there somewhere. Can you do me a favor and keep an eye on our girl?
He turned around and walked out.

Chapter 31

Sonny walked back into Brenda's room and saw her in tears. He hurried over to her and put her face in his hands and kissed her gently.
S: What is it baby?
Brenda laughed. He was so scared.
B: I'm fine.
L: She heard what you said to Jax out there.
Brenda looked at Lois.
B: Big mouth.
L: Nothing new.
She laughed.
S: I'm sorry if I hurt you sweetheart.
B: Sonny, you didn't hurt me. Not at all. I love you so much.
He sat down and took her into his arms and smiled. Lois and Robin snuck out so they could be alone. Brenda smiled and rested into him. He had stuck up for her to Jax, which was nothing new, but this really meant something to her.
S: Are you sure that didn't bring up bad things for you?
B: It brought up good things, Sonny. That you love me. That's all I need.
She reached up to give him and kiss.

The next day came and Sonny was getting Brenda ready to leave the hospital.
B: Did you get me a room at the PC hotel?
S: Sweetheart, where have you been? The hotel burned down.
B: Oh…I forgot about that. I guess it's off to the Cosmopolitan.
S: Wrong again.
B: I am not going to your penthouse.
S: Again, wrong answer.
B: The Q's probably have my room set up, then.
S: I doubt they want me there.
Brenda laughed.
I got us a place, sweetheart. Trust me?
B: With my life.
S: Then lets get out of here. You all ready to go?
B: Yes, I am so ready.

Monica walked in before they left.
M: Are you feeling ok?
B: Actually, I feel great.
M: Good. The device seems to be working wonderfully. You should have no complications with it and you won't even notice it.
B: Can I be as active as normal?
M: Take it easy for a little while, but eat healthy and exercise.
B: Ok.
M: Go home. I'll see you in a few days. And please stop by the mansion.
B: I will. Thank you, Monica.
Sonny pulled the wheelchair up behind Brenda and she sat gently and gracefully into it. He wheeled her out of the room and out of the hospital. Jason was standing outside the hospital waiting for them with the key to their new place.
J: Here is what you asked for. Hey, Brenda.
B: Hey, Jason. How are you?
J: Ok. Um, how are you feeling?
B: Wonderful.
She smiled at him and grabbed his hand to pull him for a hug. Sonny looked on, a little jealous, but he swallowed it. He had to be good about his whole jealous rage thing. Otherwise, he'd be ripping his best friends head off right now.

Chapter 32

When they arrived at their new penthouse, Sonny again felt the need to be carrying her. She laughed the whole way in and he enjoyed the lovely sound of her laughter again. When they walked in, the place was furnished and decorated. She smiled as he put her gently down on the couch.
B: Sonny, this is beautiful!
S: I'm glad you think so because it's ours.
B: Are you serious?
She was squealing with delight.
Ours? Not yours or mine, but ours?
Sonny chuckled.
S: Yes, sweetheart. This is all ours. I hope you approve of me living with you?
B: I wouldn't want it any other way.
Jason knocked on the door a few moments later and Sonny got up and answered it.
J: We need to talk.
S: Ok, what?
Jason kind of nodded at Brenda. She started to get up, but Sonny walked over and stopped her.
S: It's ok. What?
J: It's about Sam's baby. Jax is the father.
S: So he said.
Sonny was a little hurt, but having Brenda right next to him was all needed to pull him through it. Brenda looked at him and saw the hurt in his eyes. She grabbed him and pulled him into her arms. Jason nodded at them and left quietly. He let a few silent tears fall. She took his face and pulled it up to look her in the eye.
B: We will have children, Sonny. I promise you.
He smiled at her and gave her a kiss.
S: Thank you, Brenda.

After a few days, Brenda was starting to feel much better. She was able to move around and the device was working wonders for her. She felt like she already had that new heart. The only reason for that was Sonny. He was taking care of her, but letting her be independent. He was patient with her. He was loving. He was everything she knew he would be.
Everyone had been stopping to see her. Mike had spent every day with her. He was her designated babysitter when Sonny was with Michael & Morgan. They didn't feel the boys should be around them just yet. Not until Brenda was stronger. Lois was there a lot with Brook and Ned. Robin had spent most of the time with Mac and Felicia, but was moving in with Brenda and Sonny to help keep an eye on Brenda so she wouldn't need to see Monica 3 times a week. Everyone had showered Brenda with so much love. She was happy she came home. She had been given more than enough reasons to fight this.

Chapter 33

Robin was sitting in her new room at Sonny and Brenda's penthouse unpacking. Brenda quietly walked in with tears in her eyes. Robin looked up at her.
R: Bren, what's wrong?
Brenda shook her head.
B: This can't be happening to me, Robin. What will I do? Sonny will be so angry with me.
R: Bren, what is it? Sonny won't be angry with you. Please tell me what happened.
B: Call Lois, please. I need you both.
Robin nodded and hurried to the phone calling Lois. About 10 minutes later, Lois came barreling through the door.
L: What is it? Is everything ok?
Robin grabbed her and pulled her back into Robin's room where Brenda was sitting crying silent tears. Lois looked at her and rushed to her side.
L: Hey, girlfriend, what's wrong?
Brenda held onto to friend and held her hand out to Robin to join them.
B: He is going to hate me. I don't know what to do.
R: Why would he hate you?
Brenda looked up at them almost smiling through the tears and laughing at the irony of the situation.
B: I'm dying and I'm pregnant.
Robin and Lois looked at her, shocked. Brenda got up and started pacing.
B: I don't know how I could be this stupid. I mean, I knew I had this. I can't believe we didn't use protection. What the hell is going to happen? He is going to be so angry with me. I am pregnant with a child that he will never see!
Robin quickly shook the shock off of her face and walked up to Brenda.
R: Bren, stop. Listen to me. Listen to me.
Brenda was almost sobbing at this point. Robin shook her.
You will be fine. You can still have this baby. Ok? It is possible. The device in you can keep your heart going until you deliver. You'll most likely have to have a c-section because your heart won't be able to take it, but you can do this. I have faith in you. Sonny will not be angry with you.
B: What if I don't make it?
Lois looked up with tears in her eyes after hearing Brenda say that. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to help.
R: You will make it, Bren. What have I been saying all along? You've got us. We will be here for you to help you fight. Now, you have all the more reason to fight. You have a baby to love.
Lois finally got up and wiped her tears from her eyes.
L: You aren't going anywhere. And neither is this miracle inside you. Sonny will be so happy. He isn't going to hate you. And if he does, then I'll smack him from here to Bensonhurst.
Sonny walked into Robin's room and saw the three in a hug and Lois talking about smacking him.
S: What did I do now? Surely, the three most beautiful women in the world aren't going to beat me up.
They all looked up at him with the same fear in their eyes.
S: What?
Lois looked at Brenda.
L: We won't leave you. Tell him now. You have our full support.
Brenda nodded and took a deep breath. Lois was right. She needed them for the support in case he rejected her. She didn't know if she could take it. She looked at both the girls and they both nodded at her and held on tightly to her hands.
S: Sweetheart, what's going on?
He was scared, but didn't want her to know that. She took another deep breath and spit it out quickly.
B: Sonny, I'm pregnant.

Chapter 34

He stared at her. He didn't know what to think. She was nodding in defeat. He wouldn't want her anymore. She turned to her friends and smiled.
B: I'll be ok. I still have you two.
The girls looked at her with sympathy. Sonny looked up at her with tears in his eyes.
S: Your having my baby?
B: Sonny, I'm sorry.
S: Your having my baby?
He repeated it just trying to swallow the information. Brenda was finally having his baby. He wanted to yell from the rooftops. He had completely forgotten that she was sick. His dream had finally come true. He looked up at her and saw her eyes shining with new tears. He smiled and saw the glimmer of hope in her eyes. He ran over to her and picked her up, spinning her around. She laughed.
S: Your having my baby!!! Oh, Bren, why would you think that I would do anything but this?
He kissed her.
Didn't I show you how much I love you? Don't you know that I will never leave you?
B: Sonny, what if the baby won't make it because I'm sick?
S: Then we will mourn the loss of that child. We will get you healthy and we will have other children. But that won't even be a problem. We will have this baby. I believe in you.
Lois and Robin were smiling on as Sonny reassured a frightened Brenda.
B: Thank you, Sonny.
He smiled real big and kissed her.
S: No, sweetheart. Thank you.
He kissed her again and put her gently down and they both walked over to Lois and Robin. All three girls squealed and pulled into a big hug including a laughing Sonny. When they finally pulled away, Brenda looked at them all.
B: Do you think the baby can have two godmothers?
Sonny smiled and saw tears come to Robin's eyes. Lois was grinning big.
S: I think our baby would love to have these two as its godmothers.
They all hugged again.

A few hours later, Sonny was in the kitchen cooking them all dinner. The girls were sitting in the living room chatting on and on about baby stuff.
R: Did you tell Monica yet?
B: No. I am going to tell her tomorrow.
R: If a heart becomes available while your pregnant, you have a choice you'll have to make.
B: I know. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now, I am going to think positively.
R: Just keep in mind that it may happen. You don't want to be surprised.
L: Let's just be optimistic and say that a heart won't come until after Baby Corinthos is born.
Brenda nodded and put a hand on her tiny stomach. She smiled and looked at them.
B: I can't believe Sonny's baby is inside me!! I don't think I have ever been so happy.
S: Yes, you have.
Brenda smiled.
B: Really? When?
S: When you met me.
Brenda laughed at his arrogance.
B: I'm sorry, honey. I was so happy when I met you.
L: Go cook, Corinthos. We are trying to have girl talk here.
He laughed and walked back into the kitchen.
L: That man can be such an arrogant ass.
Brenda grinned.
B: Yeah, he can. But he is my arrogant ass. Finally.

Chapter 35

The next day, Brenda was resting peacefully on the couch when Robin walked in. She tried to be quiet so not to wake her. She was in her room putting some things away when the phone rang. She quickly picked it up so that Brenda wouldn't wake up. She needed her rest.
R: Hello?
V: Who is this?
R: This is Robin. Who is this?
C: What the hell are you doing answering Sonny's phone? It's Carly. Where is he?
R: Not that it's your business, but I do live here. Sonny isn't available right now. May I take a message?
C: Tell him to make himself available. His wife is on the phone.
Robin sighed. She put the phone down and went upstairs to see if Sonny was home.
R: Sonny? Are you home?
She heard rustling in the bedroom and knocked softly.
S: Yeah?
R: Sonny, your lovely soon to be ex-wife is on the phone.
S: Dammit. What does she want?
He opened the door to see her standing there.
R: I don't think she wanted to tell me.
Sonny smirked.
S: What a bitch.
Robin chuckled at him as he walked towards the phone and picked it up.
S: What is it, Carly?
C: What the hell is Robin doing answering your phone?
Sonny sighed.
S: She lives here with me, Carly.
C: What the hell are you doing?
S: What do you want?
C: Are you with that bitch Brenda again?
S: Carly…
C: Sonny, I don't care what happens, when she breaks your heart and goes running off to Jax again, don't come running to me. I'm done with you.
S: If I remember correctly, I think I was done with you. For lying to me about my daughter. For being a psychotic bitch for so long. Remember that? You should've gotten the divorce papers by now.
C: I'm not signing them.
S: The hell you aren't. Look, I didn't want to get into this with you, but I am with Brenda now. She is having my baby and I want to be with her. Not you. Never you again. You were not even a good replacement for her.
C: How dare you….
S: Sign them. Move on and stay out of my life.
C: What about the boys? What do I tell them? Their father has left them for some whore and is never coming back? And you think you have a right to rag on Mike.
Sonny sighed and just hung up the phone. It wasn't worth it.
He smiled at Robin.
S: She gets crazier and crazier by the day.
Robin smiled and walked over to him and gave him a hug.
R:  You finally did the right thing, Sonny.  I always tried to support you in everything you chose, even if it meant tearing my best friend's heart out.  But Carly was the last straw.  I could never support that.  I'm glad you finally got it together.   I love you, Sonny.
S:  I'm sorry we lost so many years because of her.
R:  We didn't lose anything.  I was always your little sister.   I was with you through Stone.  And you were with me the same way.
She smiled at him and walked out of the room.  He stood there, then turned around and looked at all of Brenda's clothes lying around.  He was trying to get everything put away.  Unfortunately, it was taking days without her help.   He sighed and got back to work.
Robin walked down the steps and saw Brenda slowly opening her eyes.
R:  Hey.
B:  Hey, what time is it?
Robin looked at her watch.
R:  Time for me to check you.
Brenda nodded and sat up. Robin grabbed her stuff.  She started checking Brenda all over to make sure everything was fine.
B:  Who was on the phone?  I heard it ring.
R:  Carly.  Trying to get Sonny back.  He hung up on her.  It was quite amusing!
Brenda giggled.
B:  I guess shell never learn.  So how am I, Doc?
R:  Good.  Everything seems fine.  Now, we wait to see what Monica says.

Chapter 36

Two days later, Brenda, Sonny, & Robin walked into the hospital to face Monica.  Robin is there to give Monica the daily updates on Brenda's condition.  They all know Monica will not be pleased to find out she is pregnant.  Brenda made Dr. Meadows promise not to say anything because Monica was like family to her.   She needed to be the one to tell.  Brenda and Sonny were in a room waiting while Robin briefed Monica.  They sat silently until they both walked in.
M:  How are you feeling?
B:  Good.
M:  Robin said you have something important to tell me.
Brenda nodded and felt Sonny squeeze her hand.
M:  What is it?
B:  I found out that I am pregnant.
M:  What?!
Monica was shocked.  This was not a good thing.
B:  It wasn't planned, it just happened.
M:  Brenda, do you know the effects this could have on everything?
Monica was understandably upset with her.  She stopped when she saw the scared face Brenda was giving her.
M:  I'm sorry. I know this is hard.  You just need to realize what can happen.  You could lose this baby.  You could die if a heart comes and you choose not to take it to save the baby.  Brenda, there are so many risks with this.
B:  I know.  If a heart comes while I'm pregnant, I will turn it down.  I will fight for my baby.  Then, maybe Ill have a chance at another heart once our baby is born.  I have to do this, Monica.   If I get a heart and lose this baby, I would be miserable.   This child is more important than I am.
M:  Ok. Brenda.  It's your decision.  I can't fight you.  I will educate you on the dangers of this.  I will tell you all the risks.  It is your life and your baby's life that you have to think about here.  Sonny, Robin, if you don't mind.   I would like to be alone with Brenda for a few moments.
They both nodded.  Sonny kissed Brenda's cheek and followed Robin out of the room.  They sat down in the waiting room.
R:  You agree with Brenda's decision?
S:  I don't have a choice, do I?  It's her body.  Her life.
R:  It's your baby, your lover.  You do get a say in this, Sonny.  Don't let her make the decision herself.  She isn't strong enough for that. She will do what she thinks you want.  She won't do what is best.  You need to tell her what you want.
S:  I can't interfere with this, Robin.  She is stubborn and whatever she wants, she gets.  I will support her with whatever she chooses.
R:  Sonny….
He got up and walked away from her.  She stood and followed.
Don't walk away from me.  I am trying to talk to you.  You need to listen to me, Sonny Corinthos.  The love of your life is sitting in that hospital room with a heart disease and a baby that she has always wanted.  She thinks that you would rather have a child than her.   You need to tell her the truth, Sonny.  You can't let her make this decision on her own.

Just then, Monica walked out and called them back in.  Once they were both settled, Monica looked at Brenda.  Brenda looked at Sonny, Sonny looked at Robin and she glared back at him.
M:  Brenda, are you sure that you want to turn down a heart if it comes available in the next 8 months.
Brenda nodded and opened her mouth to speak.
S:  No.

Chapter 37

Everyone looked at Sonny.
B:  What?  Sonny, we discussed this last night.
S:  No.  Brenda, I love our baby, but I am not willing to risk you.  I'm sorry.  I can't.  We can have other children.
Brenda looked at him with tears in her eyes.
B:  Sonny, you want children.  I want to give you that.
S:  And you will.  If the choice comes between you living or our baby living, well, there is no choice about it, baby.  I choose you.  I can't lose you, Bren.   Not for anything, even our baby.
Brenda was crying silently.  She nodded at him.
B:  Ill thinks about it.
S:  No you won't.  Monica, if a heart is available, she wants it.  No questions asked.
Brenda began to protest, but Robin chimed in first.
R:  Brenda, I know how much you hate when Sonny tries to make decisions for you, but let him do it this one time.  I think he is right.
B:  I don't want my baby to think I don't love him.
S:  She doesn't think that, Brenda.  She wants what is best for her mommy.
He put his hand on her stomach and smiled through a tear.  Monica and Robin just stood and watched the exchange.
Sweetheart, this is what is best.  I promise you.  Maybe it won't even come to this.  I hope it doesn't.  If the situations were reversed and it was me, wouldn't you do the same thing?
Brenda put her head down.
B:  Yes, which proves how truly selfish and spoiled I really am.
Sonny chuckled which upset her more.
S:  You aren't selfish, baby.  You're realistic.  Now, the decision is made and no one is changing that, got it?
He took her face in his hands and gave her a gentle kiss.
I love you, sweetheart.
Brenda gave him a small smile.
B:  I love you, Sonny, with everything that I am.
She turned to Robin, then to Monica.
I can't do it.  I want my baby to live.
She then walked out of the room leaving a shocked Robin and Sonny behind.

Chapter 38

Sonny immediately rushed out of the room to catch her.  She was at the elevators impatiently waiting for one to open.  Sonny yelled down the hall.
S:  So you want our child to grow up without a mother like you did?  Huh?
She was fuming after that comment.
B:  How dare you say that to me?
S:  That's what you want to do, right?  You would rather have our child grow up without a mother.  You would leave your child just like your mother left you and my father left me?  What happened to wanting to do it right?  Huh?   We wanted to be the parents that we didn't have, right?  Well, here is your chance!
B:  This may not even be an option!
S:  But if it is, I want you to make the right decision!  I will not give you up!  I just got you back!
Everything that was said was being screamed in the middle of the hospital.  Everyone was staring at them.  He finally grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side.
B: You have no right to tell me what to do!  This is my life!
S:  This is our baby!!   Brenda, we made this baby out of love.  The strongest most beautiful love that has ever existed.  We can do it again.  If you aren't here, we can't do it.
She was crying at this point.  He brushed a tear from her face and pushed her hair behind her ears.
Sweetheart, please, I need you.  I need you.
He whispered it so she could barely hear him.
B: I need to give you a baby more.
S: No, Brenda, you don't. I need you more than a baby.
B: I want to give you something that I've never been able to in the past. I finally have that chance, Sonny. To give you what every other woman you've been with has given you. It was always something that put them above me. They gave you that. You left me for Lily and your baby. You didn't come with me because of Carly and Michael. I am always left because I don't have your baby. If I have your baby, you won't leave me. You can leave someone else in the rain if I have your child, Sonny. Don't you see?
Sonny was shocked. He didn't know she still felt this way.
S: Brenda…sweetheart. I am not leaving you. Never again, no matter what. I promise you that. I am with you, baby or no baby. I just want you. That should be better than if you had my child. I want you for you, not because you have my baby. I want you. I need you. I would love to have this baby with you, but you are first. You are what I want. Got it?
Brenda had tears rolling down her cheeks as he took her and pulled her into his arms.
I only want you, Brenda. I only want you. Do this for yourself. Do it for us.
Brenda pulled away and looked at him.
B: You're telling the truth.
S: It's a new hobby I have with you.
She smiled. He remembered.

Chapter 39

He took her into his arms and held tightly onto her. He then picked her up and carried her back into the room where Monica and Robin were patiently waiting. They both looked at a smiling Brenda and Sonny as he sat her down.
M: Well?
Brenda took a deep breath.
B: I agree with Sonny and Robin. Hopefully it won't come to this, but if it does, we will be prepared.
Monica smiled at her.
M: You're doing a good thing, Brenda. It may not feel like it, but you are. Ok, so I will see you in a few days. Robin, keep an eye on her for me. Sonny, don't let her do a thing. Got it?
S: Of course. Let's go home, baby.
She smiled and picked herself up off the table, took his hand, and walked out. Robin followed with a relieved expression on her face.

When they got to the penthouse, Lois was there waiting impatiently. They walked in and she ran and gave Brenda a big hug.
L: Well??
Brenda filled her in on the events.
L: You're doing a good thing, Bren. Good job, Corinthos.
Sonny nodded and gave Lois a hug.
R: So why don't we get something to eat. We need to celebrate this little baby, right?
Everyone just kind of nodded sadly.
B: Why celebrate something when we don't know if it will come?
S: Because it will come. I have faith. You should, too. Otherwise, what are we fighting for?
He took her and held her tight.
We will have our baby, Bren. It will be ok. I love you so much.
B: I love you, Sonny.
She reveled in his embrace. She was so sad, yet so happy. The emotions were running wild through her.
B: Do you mind if I take a nap? I'm a little tired.
Sonny pulled back and smiled at her. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips.
S: I don't mind at all. I'll start dinner.
Lois and Robin smiled at her as she went and lay on the couch.
L: I'm going to head home. I don't want to get in the way.
B: Please, don't go, Lo. Stay for dinner with us.
L: Are you sure? I know you guys probably need some space.
B: I need you, Lo. Even if it's just for your presence.
L: You got it, girlfriend. I'll go and make sure Corinthos knows what he is doing in there.

An hour later….

Brenda was awakened by the sound of Sonny yelling.
S: Get the hell out of my kitchen and stay out!!
Lois came running out of the kitchen.
L: Don't go in there. I think I pissed him off. He gets mad when you touch his pots.
Brenda slowly rose off the couch laughing.
B: You should know better, Lo. I'm surprised he let you in there that long.
L: It was fine till I started to help. Testy testy.
Robin was giggling. She got up and went in the kitchen.
R: If I don't touch anything, am I allowed in?
S: No!! I've had enough.
She walked out laughing.
R: Yeah, Lo, you pissed him off alright.

They laughed as Sonny brought dinner in with a scowl on his face.

S: I guess I should get used to this, right?
B: You bet, baby!!

Chapter 40

5 months later

Brenda was lying on the couch reading a magazine. She had her hand resting on her little pooch with a smile on her face. She had been feeling good. The device that they put in had been working wonders for her and would hopefully last until at least the baby was born. Sonny was out with Jason taking care of a few things for the business. Robin was at the hospital working, so Brenda was alone. Max knocked on the door and opened it.
M: Hey, Brenda.
B: Hey, Max. What's up?
M: Carly is here. She wanted to talk to you.
Brenda sighed. She hadn't heard or seen Carly since she had been back. Sonny had been dealing with her and she hadn't really put up much of a fight over the divorce. They were sharing custody of the boys and Brenda loved them as if they were her own.
B: Ah, what the hell. Things have been quiet around here. I could go for a catfight. Just stay close.
Max smiled at her as she got up slowly with her hand still placed protectively on her growing stomach.
M: You got it.
Carly walked in slowly taking in the sight of a pregnant Brenda.
B: What do you want?
C: Hey, Brenda, I uh, just wanted to stop by and see how you are.
B: Why do I find that hard to believe?
C: Look, I came over here with no other plans than to see you. You are most likely going to be a stepmother to my boys and I figured we could be a little civil to one another.
B: Alright, so….
C: How are you?
B: I'm good, thank you.
Brenda was having a hard time swallowing this. Carly came and sat down in the chair. Brenda retreated to the couch and sat down slowly.
C: How's the baby?
Brenda smiled. She loved having Sonny's baby in her.
B: He's good. Sonny thinks he's a girl.
C: He always did want a girl to spoil. Especially with two boys.
B: I know. I say it's a boy just to irritate him. I really think it's a girl, but I don't want him to know. Keeps things in this boring penthouse interesting. How are Michael and Morgan?
C: They are good. They'll be over in a few days. All Michael can talk about is the new baby.
B: I'm sorry. I know it isn't good for him to get attached to something that may or may not happen.
C: No offense, but it seems as if you and Sonny are. I mean, you should be. You should think positive about it.
B: That is what we are trying to do. One day at a time.
Just then, Sonny came barreling in with bags in his hand. He didn't even notice Carly he was so excited.
S: Hey, sweetheart, you'll never guess what I got for our girl. Wait until you see.
He shut the door and turned around and put the bags down. He saw Carly sitting there.
S: Carly, hey.
C: Hey, Sonny. Don't worry; I'm not here to pick a fight. I just came by to see how Brenda was.
Sonny just looked at her. Brenda cleared her throat and he smiled at her. He walked over and gave her a small kiss.
S: Mmm…hey. I missed you.
B: I missed you, too. What did you get?
He smiled and Carly stood.
C: I should be going. I shouldn't have dropped by without calling. I hope everything goes well for you, Brenda. Maybe we can get together some time for lunch or something. No ulterior motives. Just a friendly lunch.
B: Sure, Carly. Why not? Give me a call, we'll set a date.
C: Ok. I'll see you soon, Sonny.
S: Yeah.
She walked out the door.
B: Well, that was….weird.
S: What was that about?
B: I don't know. She was too nice. I almost called Shadybrook to have her committed.
He laughed and gave her a kiss.
B: Are you going to show me or what?
He walked over to the bags and brought them to her so she could see the clothes and stuffed toys he bought for their baby.
B: You are so sure it's going to be a girl.
S: So are you.
B: I said it was a boy.
S: You lied. I can see it in your eyes.
Brenda laughed.
B: You know me too well.
He kissed her passionately.
S: I love you so much.
She smiled through a kiss.
B: Show me.

Chapter 41

Robin had come home that night and saw Sonny sitting on the couch with his hand on Brenda's stomach and Brenda's head lying in his lap. He was feeding her fruit and they were laughing.
R: I see you two are having a good night.
B: Hey, Robin. How was work?
R: Good. How are you feeling?
B: Wonderful.
R: Yeah, well, while I'm still moving, let's do this. Get up.
Brenda sighed and sat up while Robin checked her out.
R: Sonogram tomorrow, right?
B: Yeah. We can finally end this bickering about the sex of the baby.
R: It's a girl. You know that. So does Sonny and he knows you know, so don't act like you don't.
Brenda laughed.
B: It's fun to irritate him about it, though.
S: Yeah, yeah.
R: Ok, everything looks good.
Just then, they heard a vibrating sound. Brenda looked at Sonny. He had the pager on his belt. He swallowed and pulled it off and looked.
S: Wow…it's…
B: No.
S: Yeah.
B: Call to make sure.
Sonny got up slowly. He took his time trying to get it together. This was the most important call he would ever make. He picked up the phone and dialed.
S: This is Sonny Corinthos. Someone paged Brenda Barrett's pager.
Ok, we'll be right there.
He turned and looked at them.
Seems as if we may have a heart. Let's go.
Brenda was crying silent tears. She held onto her stomach.
B: No. I don't want it. Give it to someone else.
R: Bren. Come on. Let's go. It may not be the right one. Let's just check, ok.
Brenda sobbed and nodded.
B: Ok.
They all walked out of the penthouse in silent fear of what may be ahead of them. Robin called Lois and Ned on the way and they met them there.
When they all walked into GH, Monica was standing there with a sullen look on her face. Brenda pulled herself together and walked up to her confidently.
B: Let's do this.

Chapter 42

Monica nodded at her and led her back into a room. She started doing her checks on Brenda. They were going to deliver the baby prematurely. They would try to save it, but it would be hard since she was only a little over 5 months along. Robin, Ned, Lois, and Sonny were all with her throughout the check.

A few moments later, a nurse walked in.
N: Dr. Quartermaine, may I see you a moment?
M: Sure. I'll be right back, ok?
Brenda nodded as a tear fell. They all sat silently until Monica returned.
M: Well, I've got good and maybe bad news.
S: What is it?
M: The donor won't match. It was the wrong blood type.
Brenda and Sonny both let out a sigh they didn't know they were holding.
M: It's good news for your baby, bad for your heart.
B: I don't care. I don't think I've been so relieved in my life.
M: We'll keep trying for a heart. It will all work out, I promise. Now, everyone go home. Brenda, get some rest.
S: She will, thank you, Monica.
Monica smiled.
M: Sure. Good night.
She walked out and Brenda launched herself at Sonny.
S: its ok, baby. We still have our girl.
Brenda smiled.
B: Yes, we do. We have our girl.
Sonny picked her up and carried her to the elevator while everyone followed.
B: Thanks everyone for coming. I'm sorry it was so late and a false alarm.
L: Don't be sorry, Bren. We want to be here for you.
N: You're my sister, where else would I be?
S: You guys want to come back to the penthouse for some coffee or something stronger?
B: If I could, I'd even drink some scotch. I could use the company.
L: Of course. We'll meet you there.
Brenda nodded at her as Sonny carried her onto the elevator and pulled her even closer to him. Lois looked on as the doors shut and when they did, she went into Ned's arms.
L: Why does this have to happen to her? Why?
Lois broke down in Ned's arms as a tear rolled down his cheek.
N: I don't know. I just hope it will all be okay. Come on; let's go be with our best friend.
Lois nodded and he pressed the button for the elevator.

The next day, Sonny, Brenda, and Robin were back at the hospital for her sonogram. They had a good night with everyone and they were excited to see their baby and confirm that she was a girl. They all piled in the room together and started it up. When the baby popped up on the screen, Brenda's eyes got real big.
B: Is that our baby?
D: Yes, it sure is. You want to know, don't you?
Brenda nodded excitedly as Sonny looked on in awe.
D: Let's see.
She pressed on Brenda's stomach to make the baby turn.
Well, congratulations. It is a girl!
S: Wow. It's really a girl.
Brenda giggled as a tear rolled down her cheek.
B: It's our girl, Sonny. We have a girl. We have a baby. Wow.
Sonny smiled and gave her a kiss.
S: I love you so much. Thank you for giving this to me.
B: Hey, if I remember correctly, you were there, too.
Robin walked over and gave them both a quick hug.
R: I'm so happy for you both. Thank you for making me a part of your family.
S: Hey, don't thank us. You are family. You're stuck with us, good and bad.
Robin smiled.

Chapter 43

Once they arrived home, they all sat down on the couch and smiled.
B: I can't believe it. That made it all seem so real. We are having a girl!! What are we going to name her?
S: Anything you want, sweetheart.
B: Sonny, we have to do this together.
S: Well, I was hoping we could use Adella.
R: Sonny, not to be, well, isn't that what you were going to name…
S: Yes, but I know Lily would want this. We could name our baby not just after my mother, but after the baby I lost.
B: Oh, Sonny. That is beautiful. I would be honored to have our baby named Adella.
S: Really, you don't mind?
B: Not at all. I would love it!
S: Well, then, what else?
R: May I say something? I know this isn't my decision or anything, but can I at least make a suggestion?
B: Of course you can.
R: Well, I thought maybe Lily would be nice. Just a thought.
B: Robin, I think that is a great idea.
Sonny was shocked. He looked at her with tears in his eyes.
B: Adella Lily Corinthos. I think it is beautiful.
S: Sweetheart, have I told you how amazing you are?
B: Not lately.
He grabbed her and pulled her in his lap.
S: I love you so much.
She leaned in and kissed him. He grabbed her face to make the kiss deeper.
R: And that is my cue to leave.
She got up and walked into her room while Sonny stood up with Brenda in his arms and carried her upstairs. He laid her gently on the bed and got down on top of her while she giggled.
B: I need to do things like that more often if I get this kind of attention.
S: When don't you get this kind of attention?
B: When you aren't home.
He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her.
B: Wait. Sonny.
S: What? Did I hurt you?
B: No, feel. Adella is happy!
He put his hand on her swollen stomach.
S: Wow.
He looked deep into her eyes while he felt the baby kicking in her.
B: What?
S: I never thought that I would get the chance to see you pregnant with my baby. I thought when I left you that I'd lost you forever. This is the most amazing thing in my life and I'm so grateful.
Brenda smiled at him.
B: I knew it would happen. I didn't know when, but I knew.
S: So sure of yourself?
B: Yeah, well, we aren't much without each other.
S: We sure aren't.
He leaned in and kissed her gently. She smiled into his lips.

Chapter 44

Another 2 months later.

Brenda was waddling through the kitchen trying to find something to eat. Robin walked in.
R: What are you doing?
B: I'm hungry.
R: Do you want me to make you something?
B: No, it's fine. I'm sure there are some chips or something around here.
R: Think again. There isn't any junk food around except ice cream and I believe we ate that all last night during the sad movie fest.
Brenda laughed.
B: We really need to stop him from doing the grocery shopping. I am so sick of eating healthy! I need some grease!!
Robin smiled at her.
R: No, Bren, you really don't, but let me see what I can make you to help you with your craving.
She looked in the fridge and cabinets.
How about grilled cheese? That can be greasy?
B: Yum. Thanks, Robbie.
While Robin was cooking, Brenda sat herself down on a chair by the table and sipped on some tea. Sonny came barreling in with a worried look on his face. He hurried over to Brenda and picked her up and held her tight.
B: Sonny, baby, what is it? What's wrong?
Robin stopped what she was doing and knew what the look on Sonny's face was. She stared at him while he held Brenda against him and he nodded at her. A tear fell down her cheek as she walked out of the kitchen to get Brenda's things ready.
B: Baby, you're scaring me.
He pulled back and kissed her gently all over her face.
B: Sonny, what is going on?
He took a deep breath.
S: It's time. No false alarms. It's real.
Brenda's eyes widened. She pulled Sonny back into her arms and held him tight. Tears were flowing down his cheeks and he didn't know if they were happy tears or sad tears.
B: It will be ok, baby. Adella will be able to make it. She'll be fine and I'll be fine. We will have our family, baby. I promise you.
Sonny pulled back a little to look at her.
S: I love you with all of my heart. I will love you forever.
B: I love you, Sonny. Adella loves you, too.
He smiled a small smile and picked her up.
S: Let's go have ourselves a baby and get you a new heart.
B: Let's do it.
They walked out into the living room and saw Robin standing with Brenda's things. Robin ran over to both of them and gave them a hug.
R: I love you both so much!! It's all going to be ok. I know it will. Lois & Ned will meet us there. I called Jason, too. I hope you don't mind.
Brenda smiled.
B: I would love for my ex-husband to be there.
Sonny showed a small look of irritation but held it back. Brenda saw it and laughed.
B: Baby, you know you're my one and only.
He kissed her.
S: I'm not jealous.
Robin laughed.
R: Come on, let's go.

Chapter 45

They walked into the hospital together. Brenda had Sonny on one hand and Robin on the other. She spotted Ned and Lois waiting for them with Brook. She walked over to them and gave them all a hug.
B: Thanks for being here for me. I could use the support.
L: Well, I wouldn't be anywhere else, plus, I'm really anxious to see this little Corinthos you got growing in there.
B: You and me both, Lo.
Sonny smiled and placed his hand on her stomach. His baby was about to be born prematurely so that his soulmate could get a new heart. He was scared. He had never been this scared in his life. He looked at Brenda and pulled her gently into his arms.
S: Let's have our baby.
Brenda nodded and they walked towards the nurse's station. Bobbie was there waiting for her.
Bo: Are you ready, Brenda?
B: As ready as I can be.
Bo: Ok, let's get you up to maternity and we'll start there. Once your baby is born, they will give you some time to rest and be with your newborn, then, you'll be off to surgery. Follow me.
They all followed Bobbie in a sullen line towards a room where Brenda changed and lay down in bed. An IV was hooked up to Brenda and the medicine to induce labor was given to her. Lois, Ned, Robin, and Brook all sat in the corner silently while Sonny was next to Brenda holding her hand and kissing her forehead over and over.
S: Do you know how much I love you?
B: I have an idea, but tell me again. I love to hear it.
Sonny smiled.
S: I love you with everything that I am. When this is all over, I am going to marry you and we will be a proper family.
B: Is that a marriage proposal?
Lois started to squeal and Brook put her hand over Lois' mouth. Sonny heard her and laughed.
S: Sort of. I guess it can't be too romantic in a hospital bed with your best friends all watching.
L: Oh!!! We were here to witness!! How romantic!! It's about damn time, Corinthos. You better show up this time.
Brenda chuckled as Lois came over and gave her a big hug.
L: Dibs on sharing the maid of honor duties with Robin.
B: You got it, Lo. That is, if Robin doesn't mind sharing.
Robin smiled and walked over to her.
R: I would be honored, Bren. Thank you.
S: Ok, you girls, can I get a minute so I can ask properly?
L: Ok, sorry, sorry…
Lois and Robin backed away slowly, but no one made a move to leave the room. Sonny looked up at them.
S: Do you mind?
L: Not at all, continue.
Lois waved her hand at him while he sighed and Brenda giggled.
S: Well, I guess you'll just have to settle for an audience.
B: I don't mind. When you're in the room, all I notice is you.
Sonny smiled and cleared his throat. He had her hand in his and looked at her.
S: I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I love you, Brenda. I don't think anyone will ever know how much it really is. You have given me everything I've always wanted. A home, a family, a baby, and the most important thing that I've always wanted is you, Bren. I've never stopped wanting you and I never will. Marry me, sweetheart and make our dreams come true.
Brenda had tears running down her face.
B: Of course I'll marry you, Sonny.
He smiled and got up to hold her to him. She cried even harder.
B: You'll be there this time, right?
S: I swear to you on everything that I am that I will never ever walk away from you again.

Chapter 46

Lois was trying to contain another squeal when Jason walked in. He saw Ned with Brook smiling. He saw Robin and Lois jumping up and down excitedly and Sonny and Brenda embracing in tears. It seemed a little strange.
J: What did I miss?
Robin smiled and walked over to him to give him a hug.
R: They just got engaged!
J: Wow, that's great. Congratulations.
Sonny slowly pulled away from Brenda to look at his best friend.
S: Thanks, man.
L: We are giving you the wedding of the century.
Ned walked over to Brenda and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug.
N: I'm really happy for you, little sister. I hope everything works out this time. You deserve nothing but the best. I think Sonny is that for you.
Brenda smiled and pulled him to her.
B: Thank you, Ned. You don't know how much that means to me.
Ned smiled.
N: yes, I do. I love you, Bren.
B: I love you, too.
Just then, Brenda felt a pain. She cringed. Sonny rushed over to her.
S: What is it, baby? Are you ok?
B: I think she's ready.
Her water broke as she said that.
B: I'd say she's ready to be born now.
Sonny smiled and called the nurse. Everyone gathered around Brenda as they wheeled her to delivery.
L: Good luck, girlfriend!! It hurts like hell!
Brenda laughed. Robin came and kissed her on the cheek.
R: You'll be beautiful. Everything will be ok.
B: Aren't you coming in with us?
R: No, this is your baby. Enjoy it.
B: I want you there, Robin. Please.
Robin smiled and a tear fell.
R: Thank you, Bren.
They all waved to Sonny and Brenda as they disappeared from sight.

A few hours later, Brenda was screaming at the top of her lungs, Robin was standing as far away from her as possible and Sonny was attempting to get the feeling back in his hands.
D: Brenda, one more, come on, you can do it.
B: I am done. That is it. I can't do it anymore. She isn't coming out today; she'll just have to wait one more day.
S: Baby, I believe in you. You can do it.
B: No. I made up my mind. She is staying in there.
Robin giggled in the background.
S: What are you laughing at back there? I don't see you helping me out.
R: Brenda, push.
B: Alright, but only for you, Robin.
Sonny turned around.
S: No matter that it's my baby, too. She'll do it for you, but not for me.
Robin laughed again. Brenda looked at him with hate in her eyes.
B: You did this to me. I am not doing a damn thing for you ever again, got it?
Sonny was truly scared of her at this point.
S: Sweetheart, just think, when you are done, we will have our little baby. We will get married and live together forever.
B: I know, but I don't care about that right now. She's premature, but she is one big baby.
D: Brenda, here we go, push.
Brenda started to push and Sonny and Robin watched as the head came out.
S: She's got dark hair.
B: Sonny, that isn't a surprise. Get her out of me!
D: One more push, Brenda.
B: One more? You said one more last time!
D: Push.
Sonny and Robin stared as the baby slowly came out and the doctor pulled her the rest of the way.
D: It's a girl.
Brenda lay back on the bed breathing heavily and crying. She looked up and saw the little human life that she and Sonny created with love. He walked over to her and kissed her.
S: She is beautiful.
The baby was handed to Brenda for a brief moment before she went to NICU. Brenda couldn't stop crying. The doctor came and took her away while Sonny held Brenda close. Robin walked over to them and placed her hand in Brenda's.
R: You did amazing, Brenda. Congratulations. You're a mother and father.
Brenda smiled. Sonny looked at her with a grin on his face.
S: Hi there, Mommy.

Chapter 47

A few moments later, the doctor came back in.
S: How is our baby?
D: She is good, considering the circumstances. Since she was only a month and a half premature, she doesn't have too much growing to do. She weighed 4 lbs. 10 ounces. She's healthy. Her organs are working properly. She just need some time to adjust. You'll be able to see her in a little while. In the meantime, Brenda, you need to rest. You have a big night ahead of you.
B: Thank you. I would like to see her as soon as possible.
A few minutes later, a wheelchair was brought into the room and Sonny pushed Brenda up to the NICU. They put on their protective clothing and walked in. Robin followed behind. Brenda looked and found Adella lying peacefully. She smiled at her baby and touched the incubator that surrounded her.
S: She is so beautiful, Brenda. She is going to look just like you. You are so amazing.
Robin looked at the baby and smiled. She then looked up and saw Lois, Ned, Jason, and Brook standing in the window. She smiled and pointed to the baby. They all struggled to get a look at her.
L: She is gorgeous.
N: She is ok, that is all that matters.
Br: Now what happens?
J: Brenda gets a heart.
Brook nodded and had to fight back a small tear.
Br: What if it doesn't work?
L: It will. It has to.
J: Look, this is something that is done all the time. She has a very good chance. We just have to hope and say some prayers.

After they spent some time with Adella, Brenda was taken back to her room to rest. Her body needed to be strong. Sonny had picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. She smiled.
S: Get some sleep, sweetheart.
B: Go be with our baby.
S: I don't want to leave you.
B: Go. I'll be fine.

Sonny nodded, gave her a kiss and walked out. Brook Lynn walked in.
Br: Aunt Brenda?
B: Hey, Brook, how are you?
Br: I'm good. Adella is beautiful.
B: She is, isn't she? Come on, sit down. Hang out with me. I'm sorry you are stuck here. You don't have to stay. I know you're thinking about me.
Br: I want to be here. I wasn't forced to come. I love you and want to support you.
B: I love you, too, Brook. God, have you become an amazing woman. You are so beautiful, you know that?
Brook blushed and looked down.
Br: I always wanted to be like you. You are the most amazing person. I just wanted to tell you that.
Brenda felt a tear roll down her cheek.
B: You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you, Brook.
Br: Don't thank me. I'm just telling you the truth. You mean a lot to me. You've always been there for me, anytime I needed someone who could get Ma off my back.
Brenda laughed.
Br: Why does she only listen to you?
B: I don't know. She used to listen to your dad and Sonny, but somehow that has changed. She loves you so much. You are the light of her life. Don't ever forget that.
Brook smiled.
Br: I know you need to rest, but do you mind if I just sit with you while you rest?
B: I would love that. Thank you.
Brook smiled and took Brenda's hand as Brenda drifted into a quiet sleep.

Chapter 48

A few hours later, Brenda woke up to Brook still holding one hand and Sonny holding the other. She smiled.
B: What a way to wake up. My beautiful goddaughter and my loving fiancée. Brook, please tell me you haven't been here the whole time.
Brook Lynn smiled.
Br: Do you want me to lie?
Lois got up from a chair in the corner and walked over.
L: She's a good one to have on your side, Bren. She's loyal.
B: Don't I know it.
S: It's almost time, sweetheart.
Brenda nodded.
B: I'm glad everyone is here, but seriously, you should all go home and rest. We've been here forever.
N: We aren't going anywhere until you do.
R: Even Jason is still here and he hates hospitals.
B: Wow, being sick gets me in good graces with Jason. I'll have to remember that he likes me now so when I'm better and he hates me again, I can remind him.
Jason walked into Brenda saying that.
J: I still don't like you.
B: Awww…come on, Jase. You know you love me.
Jason half smiled at her.
J: Yeah yeah…
B: So…
Sonny just looked at her, trying to hold back a tear that was forming. So many thoughts were going through his head. It was emotional enough to have a new baby, especially his baby with Brenda, but a baby in NICU and Brenda about to have a heart transplant. He was about to lose control when Jason noticed it.
J: Sonny, hey, can I talk to you for a minute?
He looked up at Brenda trying to hide the pain. She saw it. She knew Jason could help.
B: Go on, baby. I'll be here.
Sonny nodded and got up to follow Jason. They walked into the chapel and sat down.
Jason sat quietly waiting for Sonny to start.
S: Did you see Adella?
J: She's beautiful. Congratulations.
S: Thanks.
There was a long pause until Sonny finally broke down.
S: What am I gonna do, Jase? What if she doesn't make…
J: Sonny, don't. Brenda will be fine. One thing I know about her is she is a fighter and she has a lot to fight for now. I seriously doubt she is giving up now.
S: There is just so much I have planned for us. So much I want to do for her. I want to love her like I should've been doing for the past 7 years. I want to have more babies with her and only her. I only want her. Never anyone else. Just her.
J: Then you need to pull yourself together. You think you're scared? How do you think she feels? She's in there being stronger than any person I have ever seen. Think about how she feels, Sonny. She loves you with everything that she is. She has a new baby that she wants to watch grow up. She is terrified. She is putting up such a good front because all she wants to do is protect the people she loves from getting hurt. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, Sonny. You need to be strong for her because she isn't. She is only being strong for everyone else.
Sonny looked up at him and knew his best friend was right. Jason never said much, but when he had something to say, he always made a good point and was always right. He nodded at Jason, wiped away the tears that fell and got up.
S: You'll never know how much you mean to me and her. Especially her. All those years you two spent hating each other and she ended up loving you as much as any of us who know you.
Jason nodded.
J: I love her, too.
Sonny started to get angry until he realized what Jason meant. Jason noticed it and patted his back. Sonny chuckled lightly.
S: I gotta work on that jealousy thing, huh?
Jason smiled.
J: Yeah, I think you need to.
Sonny patted him on the back and Jason walked out. He lit a candle and kneeled down.
S: God, I know I've asked for a lot in my miserable life and I am here asking again. This time will be the last, I swear to you. Honestly, this isn't really for me. This is for Brenda. And for the people that love Brenda. And for our little Adella. She needs to be ok. You can't let her die. After she is better, I am quitting the business, for real this time. I am devoting my life to the woman that I love and my children. I know that there is nothing more important than family and it's time to prove that. I will be at your mercy for the rest of my life if you just let Brenda live through this. Not just for me, but for her. She wants to live. I know I don't deserve her, but I'm willing to take this chance that she has given me and make everything that I ever did wrong, right.

Chapter 49

Sonny sat next to Brenda. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek, then forehead, then gently on her lips.
S: I can't wait to make you my wife.
B: Mmm…I can't wait to be your wife. I love you, Sonny.
S: I love you, Brenda.
Just then, Monica walked in. Everyone watched her walk in.
M: Are you ready?
B: As ready as I'll ever be.
M: Ok, you've got 5 minutes. Everything is going to be fine, Brenda. I will make sure of it.
B: I've got the best doctor in the world. I know I'll be fine.
Monica smiled and gave her a hug.
M: We all love you, Brenda.
Brenda nodded with a tear in her eye. Ned got up and walked over to her.
N: I'll be here when you get out, little sister. I love you.
B: I love you, too, Ned. Thank you for being here.
Lois then walked over to her.
L: Oh, girlfriend. I love you!! When you get outta here, we are shopping for the most perfect wedding dress ever.
Brenda smiled.
B: Count on it, Lo. I love you.
Robin walked over.
R: I told you I will be observing, so I'm going to go scrub up. I'll see you in there. I love you.
B: I love you, Robbie. Thank you so much for everything. You are the best friend a girl could have.
R: I could say the same thing.
Robin smiled and walked out. Brook was sitting in a corner, quiet tears rolling down here cheek.
B: Brook Lynn, don't you cry. I'll be back, I promise.
Brook ran over to her and hugged her tight.
Br: I know you will. I just love you so much. If I could take this and put it in me, I would.
B: Now, I couldn't have that. I'll be fine, Brook.
Brenda put her hand on Brook's face and smiled.
B: I love you so much, sweetie.
Brook smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. Jason was the last one left in the room other than Sonny. He walked over and gave her a gentle hug.
J: I'll see you in a few hours.
B: Thanks, Jase.
Jason nodded and looked at Sonny. Sonny gave him a look that meant that Jason needed to tell her. He smiled a small smile.
J: And Brenda…
B: Yeah?
J: I love you.
Brenda laughed out loud.
J: You see, this is why we don't get along.
Sonny laughed with Brenda.
J: I'm outta here.
B: Jase, wait. I'm sorry. It's just, I mean, come on. This is you.
Jason just shook his head.
J: The one time I try to tell the woman…
B: Jason, stop. Thank you. I love you, too.
He laughed and walked out of the room.
B: Just us.
S: Just us.
He kissed her gently.
S: I'll be with you, right in here.
He placed his hand on her heart.
B: Too bad it's being taken away, I just hope you aren't going with it.
Sonny smiled.
S: Never. I love you so much.
B: Sonny…
S: Yes, sweetheart.
B: If something happens…
S: Bren, nothing is going to happen.
B: I know, but just in case it does, just let me tell you this. Make sure that Adella knows how much I love her. Make sure that Robin stays here and remains the most important woman in her life next to me. And make sure that Lo doesn't corrupt her with the nails. And don't spoil her too much. You don't want her to be exactly like me.
S: I pray that she will be exactly like you.
B: Promise me you'll do those things.
S: I won't need to. You'll be here to make sure that I do.
Brenda smiled.
B: Say you promise, Sonny.
He blinked back tears.
S: I promise.
B: I will love you forever.
S: I know.
She nodded.
B: Ok, if we don't do this now, we never will.
S: Brenda?
B: Hmmm?
Sonny couldn't do it anymore, he was crying. She took him and pulled him close to her holding him tight.
S: I love you so much. You don't even know how much I love you. God, I am going to spend every day for the rest of my life proving it to you, I promise.
Brenda smiled.
B: I already know, Sonny. You don't have to prove anything.

Chapter 50

Sonny was sitting in the waiting room with everyone else. No one refused to leave until they knew if Brenda was ok. During the first hour of Brenda's surgery, Sonny was with Adella. The next hour, he came and sat down with everyone else. The third hour, he paced the waiting room. The fourth hour, he spent in the chapel praying. Now, he was back waiting impatiently. The surgery was a long one and Sonny didn't know if he could take it anymore.
L: Why don't you go see Adella again, Sonny?
S: It's too late. They don't allow visitors past this time.
L: Do you want some coffee?
S: No, I want Brenda.
L: Sonny, let me ask you something.
Sonny looked at her waiting for her to speak. She took a deep breath.
L: You and Bren, you have that connection, right?
S: She's my soulmate.
L: Do you feel as if something is wrong with her?
Sonny sat back and breathed out. He rubbed his hand on his forehead and sat back for a moment. Lois waited patiently for an answer. After about 5 minutes, Sonny smiled at her.
S: She is fine. I would feel it. I would know. Thank you, Lo.
He turned to her and gave her a hug.
L: I know I'm the best.
S: Don't let it go to your head.
A few moments after that, Carly walked in with Michael and Morgan. Sonny saw them and smiled. Michael came running to Sonny and hugged him.
S: Hey, buddy.
M: Hi, daddy. How's Brenda?
S: We don't know yet.
C: I hope you don't mind that we are here. I thought you could use some cheering up and Michael here volunteered for the job.
S: Thanks, Carly.
C: How's the baby?
S: Beautiful.
C: What's her name?
S: Adella Lily Corinthos.
C: That's beautiful, Sonny. That must've taken a lot for Brenda to name her after Lily.
S: Actually, Robin brought it up and Brenda didn't even have to think about it.
Sonny took Morgan from Carly and held him high. He smiled at the thought of how much more wonderful Brenda was over Carly. Carly could've never named a child after his first wife, even if she was dead. She would be too jealous. Not Brenda. Brenda was so amazing. Sonny sat for the next few minutes talking to Michael and Morgan. Lois sat with them trying to get to know Sonny's children. After about 15 more minutes, Jason saw Robin walking out. She had no expression on her face.
J: Robin?
Robin walked straight to Sonny who was now standing and hugged him.

Chapter 51

S: Well?
She pulled away and smiled at him.
R: She did well, Sonny. I've never seen someone fight for their life like she just did. We almost lost her for a minute, but she brought herself back. She's stable and on her way to recovery. You'll be able to see her soon. She should be awake soon, too.
S: Oh, thank God.
He pulled her into another hug while everyone breathed the same sigh of relief. Brook and Lois were hugging. Ned had his hand on Sonny's shoulder and Jason was with Michael, Morgan, and Carly. Robin pulled away from Sonny and they walked away from everyone.
R: We still have a long way to go you know that right? Her body could reject the heart at any moment, so we have to be prepared, Sonny. We still aren't in the clear yet.
S: I know. It will be ok, Robin. It has to be.
He grabbed her again and pulled her into another hug.
R: Let's go check on her.
Sonny followed Robin to Brenda's room and they walked in. She was lying with her eyes open, waiting to see him. Since she had woken up, all she wanted was Sonny. She didn't need anything but him. She begged the nurses to get him for her, but they refused until she was in a room. When she saw him, she felt tears running down her cheek. He hurried and rushed to her side, grabbing her hand and kissing it over and over. He then kissed her forehead, her cheek, then her lips very gently. He sat down and looked at her.
B: God, I love you so much. I was waiting to see you.
S: I'm here and I'm not going anywhere.
B: How's Adella?
She was speaking very quietly and he could see the pain in her eyes.
S: She's good, sweetheart. Don't talk. Rest. You need to rest.
Brenda nodded slightly and closed her eyes to sleep. Robin walked out and told everyone that Brenda was resting. They all decided to go home for the evening. Lois wanted to see her before she left and quietly walked into the room.
L: How is she?
She whispered as much as she could.
S: Tired.
L: I just wanted to see her before we left. We'll be back first thing tomorrow. Get some rest, Corinthos.
S: I will. Bye, Lo.
Lois kissed Brenda's forehead gently, then Sonny's cheek and left the room. Robin left with Jason. Ned took Lois & Brook home. Carly and the boys left. Sonny stayed by Brenda's side. There was no reason to go home. The two most important things in his life were in the hospital. He'd be damned before he left either one of them. He made himself comfortable in the chair next to Brenda's bed and watched her sleep peacefully through the night.

Chapter 52

The next morning, Brenda woke up to a tired looking Sonny staring at her. She placed her other hand on his gently and he smiled.
B: Didn't you sleep?
S: I couldn't take my eyes off of you.
B: I'm not going anywhere.
S: Yeah, well, I'm not taking my chances. Morning, baby. How do you feel?
B: Ok, considering. Do you think they can bring me to see Adella?
S: We can ask.
B: Please.
Sonny kissed her forehead and walked out of the room. He saw Monica headed in his direction.
M: Sonny, I was just on my way in to check on Brenda.
S: Ok, we have a question, though.
M: What is it?
S: Can she go see Adella?
M: Not yet. Since Adella is in NICU, we don't want to expose Brenda to that. It may increase risk of infection in both of them. It's safer not to.
Sonny nodded sadly. Brenda would be heartbroken.
M: In a few days, when she is stronger, she can see her. Maybe Adella will be strong enough to come down here and see her mom.
Monica walked into Brenda's room with Sonny following her. Brenda smiled and saw the sad look on Sonny's face.
B: She said no, huh?
Sonny walked over to her and nodded. He kissed her forehead.
B: Go check on her. Tell me how she is.
S: Anything for you, baby.
He kissed her again and walked out. He noticed Lois and Ned walking in.
S: Hey Lo. Can you do me a favor?
L: What is it, Corinthos?
S: Can you get a camera for me?
L: Yeah, why?
S: Can you just do it and meet me in NICU?
L: Sure, I'll be right back.

A half hour later, Lois walked into NICU with a digital camera. Sonny smiled and took it from her. After he was finished, they walked down to Brenda's room.
S: Hey, baby.
B: How is she?
S: See for yourself.
He held out the camera and Brenda smiled happily and took it. She scrolled through the pictures that Sonny took of their baby.
B: Thank you so much. I love you.
S: I love you, too.

6 weeks later, both Brenda and Adella were strong enough to leave the hospital. Brenda was getting Adella ready while Sonny packed her things.
S: Are you ready to go home and be a family?
B: I have been ready for this for so long. I can't wait.
S: Well, I wanted to ask you something, too.
B: What, baby?
S: How soon can I marry you?
She giggled. She sat down on the bed gently holding a sleeping Adella close to her.
B: Whenever you want, baby.
S: How's next week sound?
B: Sonny, next week?
S: Why not? I can make it happen, all you have to do is get a dress and be there.
Brenda thought for a moment.
B: I don't think I can get a dress in a week, Sonny, especially with Adella.
S: Will you try?
B: What's the hurry?
S: I told you, I want you to be my wife.
B: Let me think about it, ok?
S: Do you want your ring?
B: What ring?
Sonny pulled out her ring. The one that he placed on her finger in Greece all those months ago. She smiled at him.
B: Is that my engagement ring?
S: You know it.
B: Sonny…
He put his finger on her lips and smiled.
S: You've been walking around for months with this ring on. When I put in on your finger, I knew I would make you my wife if it was the last thing I did. Now, you can use this as your engagement ring, or you can use this….
He dug in his pocket and found the ring that he had given her all those years ago. She smiled at him.
B: How about I use both?
S: Good answer.
He leaned over and gave her a kiss, then gave Adella a kiss. He smiled as he gently placed the rings on her hand without waking Adella.
S: Let's go home.
B: Please. It's been so long.

Chapter 53

Brenda had spent the past week with Robin and Lois scrambling to find a wedding dress. It was to arrive the next day, their wedding day. Sonny's pilot had to pick it up in Paris and fly it back. Brenda was waiting for it to arrive with Adella. They had spent the day together. Sonny said he had some things to take care of for business, so she relaxed in the penthouse enjoying her baby.
B: You know, little girl, I am going to love you forever. You are a gift. I can't believe we both made it. We are so lucky. I already know you are stubborn, just like your daddy…
S : And her mommy.
B: I'm not too bad.
S: That's why my pilot and two perfectly good bodyguards are in a Paris fashion house as we speak. You had to have that one and no other one.
B: Yeah, well, I'm picky, not stubborn.
Sonny walked over and kissed her gently on the lips, then kissed Adella. She was starting to doze off so Brenda stood up to bring her to her crib for a nap. Once she laid her down, she walked downstairs to a smiling Sonny.
S: I have a surprise for you.
B: Really? What?
She started to get excited, but he had a serious look on his face.
B: What is it, Sonny?
S: A while ago, I made a promise. It was a promise that I intended to keep. A promise to you and to God. I didn't want to tell you about it until I was sure I had kept the promise. But, I have. Now, I just need to tell you.
Brenda sat down on the couch and put her hand on his face.
B: Baby, you've given me so much already, I don't need anything else.
S: There is one more thing you need; you just don't want to admit it. I have done it. You are the only one in the world that I would do this for and it is done. No turning back and definitely no regrets.
B: Ok…
Sonny sighed and smiled at her.
S: I am not doing this just for you. I'm doing it for me, too. And Adella. For us as a family because we can't live like that, I don't want us to. I gave it up, Brenda. All of it. It all belongs to Jason for good. No running, no new names, no looking over our shoulders. We are free to live our lives in safety and peace. 2 things we both always wanted.
Brenda was shocked.
B: You gave up the business? For us?
S: For life.
She didn't know what to think. She sat and let it all sink in. He waited for an answer from her.
B: No regrets?
S: Not even for a second.
She smiled and launched herself into his arms. She started to cry.
S: Baby, don't cry. Why are you crying?
B: This past week, with the wedding and everything, I was starting to get those feelings that you would leave to protect us again. I was scared. I knew you wouldn't, but I still had that shadow in my head. Now, I have no doubts whatsoever. I know you'll be there. Thank you, Sonny. For loving me enough to give up your life.
S: You are my life. When I had the business and didn't have you, I didn't have anything at all. You are all I need. I don't need that.
She smiled at him and gave him a gentle kiss.
B: You think you are up to taking me upstairs?
She kissed him again.
S: I should ask you that.
B: No need. Make love to me, Sonny.
S: With pleasure.
He kissed her passionately, then pulled her into his arms and carried her to their bedroom.

Chapter 54

The next day, Brenda woke up slowly to Lois and Robin standing over her. She smiled and sat up.
B: Is it for real?
L: You know it. Get up, get showered, and let's roll. Its time to get you married, girl.
Brenda smiled and slowly crawled out of bed. Even though she was feeling good, she still wasn't 100% and she was on a lot of medicine that wore her out fast.
R: Your dress is here, finally.
Brenda smiled again.
R: So is a seamstress, so go try it on real quick so that way if anything needs done, she can fix it.
B: Thanks, Robbie. Did Sonny take Del?
L: Yeah. She is going to look precious in that little dress. They will meet us at the church and we'll get her dressed there.
B: Sounds good. Thank you both.
She hugged them and headed toward the steps. She saw the dress hanging in the living room and gasped. It was more beautiful than the pictures. She smiled and continued down and saw the seamstress. She put the dress on slowly, which had fit perfectly. She smiled as the seamstress helped her out of it and went upstairs to shower. Once she was done with that, they all did her hair and makeup, and headed for the church. It was going to be a small wedding with only close friends and family. They both had enough of weddings, so they wanted this to be private, special, and final. Once she got there, they got her in her dress and Mike brought Adella in to get dressed.
M: You look beautiful as always, Brenda.
She smiled and took Adella from him and kissed her.
B: Is he really here?
M: Do you need to ask?
B: No, he's here. I know he is. I can feel him.
M: He's in the front smiling. I haven't seen him smile like that since I took him to a Yankees game when he was 4 years old.
Brenda giggled. She looked down at a restless Adella.
B: We need to get you in your gown, little girl. Your momma loves you very much, Adella.
She changed Adella and put the finishing touches on herself. Lois and Robin smiled at her and told her how beautiful she looked. She started to feel a little woozy, but she knew it was from nerves of the wedding. She walked slowly out of the room and headed towards the back of the church. She smiled when the doors opened and Lois, then Robin walked down the aisle. She held Adella close to her and put her arm through Mike's. She looked up and saw Sonny standing at the altar with a big grin on his face. She felt as if everything was moving in slow motion. She made it to the end of the aisle and gave Adella to Mike to hold for the ceremony. Sonny took her hands and kissed the back of each one. She held onto him tight. She felt as if it would all end in a matter of minutes. The priest asked them to say their own vows and Sonny pledged his undying love for her. She felt the tears rolling down her cheeks as he spoke amazing words to her. When the priest looked to her, it took all her strength to get the words out.
B: I love you with all my heart and I am honored to be the mother of your child and your wife. Thank you for saving me. Stone would be so happy.
She couldn't say anymore. The tears wouldn't let her. She looked at him and saw the tears falling down his cheeks. She loved him so much. She took her hand and placed it on his cheek, slowly wiping the tears away. He placed a ring on her finger and she did his. His was made to match the ring from Greece. The priest announced them as husband and wife. He leaned in and kissed her gently, but passionately and whispered to her.
S: I love you, Mrs. Brenda Corinthos.
B: I love you, Sonny. So much.
He had his arms wrapped tight around her waist and hers were wrapped around his neck. She smiled and leaned up to kiss him, but she felt as if she couldn't reach. When his lips finally touched hers, she closed her eyes and fell back. He felt her arms let go around his neck and fall limp. He was holding onto her, so she didn't hit the ground. He filled with panic as he slowly lowered her down with tears in his eyes.
S: Brenda!! Brenda!! Wake up, Bren!!

Chapter 55
Robin came to his aid. Monica was there, too and she came running. Alan dialed 911 as a weeping Sonny held onto Brenda.
S: Baby, wake up. Please, Bren.
Robin and Monica worked together to check her out. She had stopped breathing and they did CPR to get her back. Sonny sat next to her staring at them working hard to save her life.
S: What is going on?
M: Her body must be rejecting the heart. We need to get her to the hospital, NOW!
A: The ambulance is on its way. I can hear it down the street.
A few long moments later, paramedics came running through the door. They placed Brenda on a stretcher and hooked her up to all kinds of lines. Sonny stared at her, unable to grasp what was going on.
M: Sonny, come on, you can ride in the ambulance with us.
Sonny only nodded at her and followed. Mike held onto Adella and Lois looked after them with tears flowing down her cheeks. Everyone looked around in silent agony of the events that had just unfolded.
M: I'm going to the hospital. Who's coming with me?
L: We'll meet you there, Mike.
Everyone walked out the doors quietly, got into their cars, and rode to the hospital in fear of what was to come. When the ambulance arrived, Monica, Robin and the paramedics rushed with Brenda into the ER. Sonny walked like stone through the doors following them. He stopped outside the room that she was in when Robin grabbed him and pulled him back.
R: Sonny, we just have to wait now. Let Monica work her magic.
A few minutes later, everyone else came running into the waiting room. Sonny was sitting with his head buried in his hands. He was inconsolable. Mike walked over to him with Adella.
M: I think someone wants her dad.
Sonny looked up and his eyes brightened at the sight of his daughter. His daughter with Brenda. He took her from Mike's arms and pulled her close to him. He sat back down and cried with her in his arms. He knew. He knew in his heart what his head didn't want him to admit.

Chapter 56

About 15 minutes later, Monica walked out, looking defeated. Lois ran up to her. Monica grabbed her hand and walked with her over to Sonny. He looked up at her. She took a deep breath and touched Adella gently.
M: Her body is rejecting the heart. We are doing everything that we can. It's only a matter of time. She's conscious right now if you want to see her.
Sonny immediately stood up and looked towards where Monica came from. She pointed to Brenda's room. He walked vigorously towards her room and wiped the tears from his cheeks. He kissed Adella and opened the door to see a pale and weak Brenda lying in the hospital bed.
S: Hey, sweetheart.
She struggled to sit up.
S: Don't, Bren. I'll bring her over to you.
She smiled and tried to speak to him.
S: It's ok.
A tear fell from her eye. She took a few deep breaths in and placed her hand on his cheek.
B: I'm so sorry.
S: Sweetheart, you have nothing to be sorry for.
B: I love you, Sonny.
He smiled at her and gently placed Adella next to her on the bed. She smiled proudly at her baby.
B: Make sure she knows.
S: She knows.
B: Make sure you know.
S: I will never forget.
She nodded at him.
S: Don't talk, baby. Save your strength.
She shook her head at him.
B: For what?
He felt a tear fall.
S: I love you, Brenda. I'm sorry I waited so long. I'm sorry we were apart for so long. I should've been different.
B: No, Sonny. You were perfect every second. You did what you thought was best and I love you even more for it. Don't you ever regret one moment we spent together or apart. Promise me.
S: I promise.
B: Ok, now mean it this time.
He smiled at her. She smiled a small smile back.
S: I promise.
She nodded at him and tried to reach down to give Adella a kiss. He lifted Adella to her so she could kiss her. She smiled at the baby and laid her head back on the pillow. She nodded as they stared into each other eyes. They didn't need to say anymore to each other. Their eyes always said it all. He looked at her with such love, trust, and devotion that she didn't know how she could leave him. But, her body wasn't giving her a choice.
B: Sonny?
S: Yeah, baby?
B: Get me out of here. I don't want to die here.

Chapter 57

Sonny nodded and grabbed Adella. He ran out of the room and grabbed Lois.
L: What's going on? Is she ok?
S: You have to help me get her out of here. She doesn't want to be here.
L: Sonny, we can't take her out of a hospital. She could get better.
Sonny looked at her and she knew he wasn't changing his mind.
S: I need you to bring Adella for me. I have to carry Bren.
L: All right. Let's go.
Sonny picked Brenda up and started to walk out with her. Robin stood up and saw them heading towards the door.
R: Sonny…
S: Don't fight us, Robbie. If you want to come, let's go.
She was torn. She knew that Brenda shouldn't leave, but she knew that she wanted to be with her. She looked at Jason and gave him a kiss on the cheek and followed Sonny, Brenda, Lois, and Adella to the elevator. They all rode the elevator in silence and the limo was waiting for them when the got to the door. Sonny climbed in gently with Brenda and the rest followed. He held her close to him in his arms. He didn't want to let her go.

About an hour later, they were arriving at their destination. Brenda and Adella both slept peacefully throughout the trip. Robin looked at Brenda as Sonny kissed her awake.
R: Let me take your vitals.
B: Robin, just let it go. There is no point.
Robin looked at Sonny with tears in her eyes and he nodded at her. Brenda drifted off into another deep sleep. Lois climbed out and took Adella from Robin and they all followed. They walked a little ways until they came to a stop. Robin laid out a blanket and Sonny gently sat down on it. Robin and Lois had never been there, but they knew where they were. They had heard so much about it from Sonny and Brenda both. Sonny again kissed Brenda's forehead.
S: Sweetheart, wake up. We're here.
Brenda slowly opened her eyes. She took in her surroundings and felt the tears fall down her cheeks.
B: The farm….do you still own…?
S: Yes, we do.
She smiled.
B: Build the house for our baby and live there.
S: Not without you, sweetheart.
B: Do it.
She was forceful and that was what she wanted. Lois let out a chuckle. Only Brenda could get Sonny to do something he never would've done on his own. Brenda had just noticed Lois and Robin holding Adella. Lois then smiled.
L: I have an idea.
Lois dug in her purse and pulled out the digital camera.
L: I know this isn't the best time, but hey, what the hell, right?
She started taking picture after picture of Sonny, Brenda, and Adella. Then, Robin got in the pictures. They were actually smiling and even laughing. Robin then took the camera and took pictures. They were even able to set it up so they could all get in a picture.
R: A picture is worth a thousand words.
She took one last picture of just Sonny, Brenda, and Adella. Sonny was kissing Brenda, while holding Adella into Brenda's kiss. The camera was full. Brenda smiled at them all.
B: Oh, Lo.
Lois got up and moved close to Brenda. She took her hand.
L: Hey, girlfriend.
B: I love you, Lo.
L: I love you, too, girlfriend.
B: Hey, make sure that Brook knows…
L: She knows, Bren. She loves you.
B: Be there for my baby.
L: Always.
Robin got up and brought Adella over to Brenda. She placed her gently down next to Brenda and Sonny. Sonny was sitting with Brenda lying in his arms. Brenda smiled at the baby.
B: Robin.
R: Don't say anything, Bren. I know.
B: Thank you. You are my angel.
R: No, Stone is your angel.
Brenda smiled at the thought of Stone.
B: I love you, Robbie.
Robin smiled and leaned in to give her a gentle hug. Brenda took a deep breath and looked down at her baby. She tried to lean down to kiss her, but she couldn't. Lois picked her up and brought her to Brenda. Brenda gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.
B: My little girl. I love you so much, Del. Your daddy is going to take amazing care of you. You'll always have your Aunts Lo & Robbie. You will be beautiful. I know it. And I will watch over you forever.
She looked up at Lois and Robin.
B: Don't let her forget me.
Lois and Robin nodded at her and wiped tears from their eyes. They were losing their best friend and they couldn't stop it. Brenda closed her eyes and felt the tears fall to the ground. When she opened them, she saw Sonny. She put her hand on his face and smiled.
S: Hey.
B: Hey. Do me a favor?
S: Anything you want.
B: Live. Raise our baby and be happy.
S: Bren…
B: I'm not going to leave you, Sonny. I am right here.
She put her hand on his heart.
B: My blood is running through your veins. I am always within you.
Sonny nodded at her.
S: I love you, Brenda. There is so much I want to say to you.
B: You don't have to, baby. I know.
They looked into each other's eyes for about 5 minutes, saying everything they needed to say with just a look. He leaned down and kissed her. With that, she closed her eyes. Sonny felt the tears flowing. Robin quickly got up and checked her vitals.
R: She's in a coma.
Nothing else was said. They all sat there staring at her. Adella was fast asleep in Lois' arms. Sonny watched Brenda's labored breathing and found a beautiful music to it. Because he knew he'd never hear it again. After what seemed like days, but was only a few hours, the breathing stopped. Lois took a breath in, holding it and hoping for Brenda to continue, but there was nothing. She was gone.

Chapter 58

15 years later

A: Dad! Have you seen my shoes?
S: Del, you have 500 pairs of shoes in this house. What do you think?
A: Da-ad. The black ones with the strappies.
S: I don't even know what strappies are.
A: Didn't Mom teach you anything?
S: When it came to shoes, I was not a good student. Now, hurry up, everyone will be here soon. You remember what today is.
Adella smiled and walked over to give Sonny a hug.
A: How could I forget? Happy birthday, Mommy.
She smiled through tears and held onto her father for life.
S: I love you, Del. Now go get ready.
A: I love you, Daddy.
Adella ran up the stairs and Sonny walked back into the kitchen. He smiled and looked at the counter next to the stove. No matter how many years he spent cooking in there, he could always see her sitting on the counter distracting him while he cooked. Even though she had never been in there. He had built the house, at her request. He had spent his life there, with their child. After she was gone, he never so much as looked at another woman. Then, he heard a knock at the door. He walked to it and noticed that Lois had already let herself in. Following her was Robin, Brook, and Ned. Ned and Lois had reconciled, as had Jason and Robin.
S: Come on in, make yourself comfortable.
L: I will. Michael and Morgan were right behind us coming up here. I think Jase was with them.
R: Yeah, he was.
L: Ok, so we got chips, we got cake, we got presents, we got…
S: Chips, cake?
L: Brenda would've wanted chips, not that healthy crap you eat and force your poor daughter to eat. Speaking of, where is Del?
A: Hey, Aunt Lo, I'm right here.
She came down the steps and hugged everyone. She saw Brook and was happy. Even though they were years apart in age, they were best friends. Just like Brenda and Lois wanted.
S: And I'll have you know that the healthy crap you are referring to is keeping…
L: Put a sock in it, Corinthos.
S: Hey, my wife would not appreciate you speaking to me like that on her birthday.
Lois rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen with the food. Once they got everything set up and Jason and the boys arrived, they all sat down in the living room.
L: Ok, so here is something we are going to do. Everyone has to do it. I want everyone to tell a story about Bren that Adella here has never heard. Even if it is embarrassing. Bren would want us to. I'll go first.
Br: Actually, Ma? Let me go first.
Lois was surprised.
L: Sure, Brookie.
Brook smiled and looked at her hands.
Br: Aunt Bren is my godmother, so she was supposed to take care of me if my Ma or Dad couldn't. Well, instead of doing that, she took care of me when I couldn't take my Ma anymore.
L: Hey.
Br: Ma, let me talk.
Sonny laughed and whispered loudly at Jason.
S: Is that a surprise?
Jason smiled and whispered back.
J: Not at all.
L: Hey, you two. I can hear, ya know.
Br: SOOOOO, anyway, when Ma was driving me crazy with the singing thing and I thought that I couldn't take it anymore, I called Aunt Bren. She was in London at the time. It was a few months after she left PC. We were still getting to know each other again and I needed an adult to talk to that could maybe get Ma off my back. And she said the most wonderful thing to me. Since then, she was my hero and I always wanted to be just like her. She said “Brook Lynn, your mom loves you almost as much as I do, she wants what is best for you. Sometimes, that isn't always what you want, but you know what you do? You ignore her.” I laughed and laughed. Here was my ma's best friend telling me to ignore her.
L: That little snot. I can't believe she told you that. And she does not love you more than I do.
S: Will you stop, Lois? Geez, don't fight over something as stupid as who loves her more.
L: I still can't believe she said that.
S: Then you don't know my Brenda.
J: Ok, my turn. I know some of you may know this story, but I have never told it in full detail and Sonny, I don't think you have even heard it. Del, you know that I was married to your mom for a very short and painful time, right?
Del laughed and nodded. Everyone enjoyed themselves as they all sat around listening to Jason tell the tale of his Vegas wedding to Brenda.
R: Ok, Sonny, your turn.
Sonny smiled and looked at Adella.
S: Ok, I'll tell a story that only Brenda and I knew.
L: Let me remind you that your daughter is in the room.
Sonny shot Lois a look and she smiled.
S: When I went to Greece, I bought your mom that ring.
Adella smiled and played with the ring that sat on her finger.
S: I placed it on her hand while she was sleeping by the beach. She didn't even know I was there. I didn't know she was there until I saw her ask to buy the ring after I had already paid for it. Well, I followed her for the day, staying out of sight waiting for the right moment to make my move. I ended up at her room because I felt her calling me. She wasn't there. So, I walked to the beach and saw her sitting in the sand crying. I just wanted to take her and make it all go away. She didn't even look at me; she just got up and ran. I took off after her and the rest, well, let's just say, Del, you began on that night.
A: Awww..Dad, gross.
Lois and Robin both had tears in their eyes. Sonny chuckled at Adella's response.
S: Del, that night was the night that I realized that I couldn't spend another moment without your mother in my life. And I knew I never would.

Chapter 59

5 years later.

Adella was sitting in the hospital waiting room with Brook and Lois on either side of her. Robin came running out of the elevator.
R: How is he?
Adella got up and hugged her tight.
A: He's not good, Aunt Robin.
R: Oh, Del. It's ok. I'll go check and see what's going on. Jason and the boys are on their way.
A: Ok.
A few moments later, Jason walked in with Michael and Morgan. Morgan's wife, Paige attached to him. She was Nik & Em's daughter. They all rushed over to her and gave her a hug.
Mo: What's happened, Del?
A: I don't know, he just collapsed, I called the ambulance, and here we are.

Robin came walking out with a doctor listening intently to the information he was giving her on Sonny's condition. She nodded and walked towards them alone. She wiped a tear that was falling from her eye and looked at Adella.
A: What? What is going on?
R: Del, sit down.
A: I don't want to sit; I want to see my dad, now what is going on?
R: Del, he isn't going to make it. The cancer has spread through most of his body and his organs are shutting down.
Adella slowly sat down.
A: No, Daddy, no.
She put her head in her hands, just like he always did. She pulled herself together.
A: I want to be with him.
Robin nodded at her and they walked to the room. Everyone followed. She walked in and saw Sonny lying on the bed and she ran over to him.
A: Daddy, don't.
S: Hey, baby. It's ok.
A: It's not ok, Dad.
S: Del, c'mere.
Adella sat down on the bed next to him.
S: It's my time.
Lois walked over to Sonny and put her hand on his cheek.
L: You are too damn stubborn, you know that. I love ya, Corinthos. Tell Bren that we love her.
Sonny smiled at the thought of Brenda.
S: You got it. I love you, Cerullo.
Adella looked down at her hands.
S: Hey, sweetheart, look at me. I've lived a good life. I'm going to be with your mom. It will be ok. You have a life to live. Live it. We'll be watching you. I love you, Del.
A: I love you, Daddy.
She launched herself into his arms. Slowly everyone said their peace with Sonny and left. The only ones left were Adella, Michael, and Morgan. Adella sat on the bed holding her father's hand watching him breath, knowing that his last would be soon. She felt like she had lived this moment before at another time. Soon, his breathing was labored and he, too, was gone.

Chapter 60 Epilogue

He was walking along the beach. He finally felt at peace. He walked and smelled the salt air. The ocean was a clear blue and the sand was a bright white. The sun was shining and he felt like a million bucks. He breathed in deep, knowing that she would be there for him soon. He didn't want to rush her, but he knew she had been waiting for him a long time. He decided to sit and take in the scenery of his heaven.

She walked along the beach, almost too excited at the thought of seeing him again. She could feel his presence. He was thinking about her. She knew he could feel her, too. She could see him sitting in the sand in the distance. She had been waiting for 20 years. She stayed with him and their daughter. She watched over them. She knew that he did an amazing job raising Adella. She had hoped that he would find love again, but was secretly happy that she had been the last woman he had touched in his life. She didn't run to him. She walked slowly, taking in every detailed view from every step she took closer to him. Finally, she stood behind him.

B: Hey there, stranger.
He didn't get up right away. He smiled at the sound of her voice. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he put his hand over top of it. He then took it and brought it to his lips. Then, he pulled her down into his arms as she laughed. The sound of the laugh was glorious to him. He had missed it so much. He looked down at her, lying in his lap and smiled. He leaned in and kissed her gently and passionately.
B: Mmm…miss me?
S: Oh, sweetheart, you have no idea.
He kissed her again. He started to pull at her dress, but she stopped him.
B: Now, now, baby, we have plenty of time for that. First, what do you think of our heaven?
S: I'm surprised I'm here.
She took his hand and they walked along the beach hand in hand.
B: What did I tell you? People who beat up little kids go to hell, not good men who've done some bad things. And who was right?
Sonny smiled and sighed.
B: Come on, Sonny. Who was right?
He laughed.
S: You were.
B: Such a lovely thing it is, being right.
S: I knew you'd be by the water.
B: Did you now?
S: Yep. Our heaven, baby.
B: So are you ready to spend eternity with me?
S: I wouldn't want it any other way.
B: Good. Cuz you are stuck with me.
S: What about going back? Letting me find out all over again.
B: Mmmm…maybe, but for the first 100 years, I want you all to myself. We have lost time to make up for.
She leaned up to him for a kiss. He kissed her and held onto her tight. She giggled.
B: I've been waiting for you for so long.
S: I'm here, baby, and I'm not leaving you ever again.
B: I know.
He picked her up and spun her around, then they fell to the ground, him on top of her. He kissed her deeply. She pulled at his shirt. He smiled.
S: I thought you wanted to wait a bit.
B: I changed my mind.
He chuckled as she reached for his face and pulled him down to her. After they made love in the sand, he was holding her close to him.
B: You did an amazing job with Del.
S: You helped.
B: No, I didn't.
S: Bren, I could feel you there with us. You did as much as I did. Oh, and Lois says hey and she loves you.
Brenda laughed.
B: She knows us too well. So, what do you want to do?
S: This forever and ever.
B: Sounds like heaven.
She kissed him, then pulled back and looked at him.
B: Thank you for giving Del the ring.
S: I knew you'd want her to have it.
She smiled at him and he rolled on top of her kissing her hungrily.
B: I love you, Sonny.
S: I love you, Brenda.

The End.

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